29 May 2011

random conversations: fallacies and failures

"You can be the world's strictest teacher."

"And that is because?"

"You take a lot of tests and no matter how someone was to perform you  fail the person".

The sad part is there is no one who is willing to undergo the test and whoever does finds out the sham that lies beneath the speciousness and runs for life.

A strict teacher hardly has pupils that stay. That like her to stay. That like her.

26 May 2011


If I am not writing feverishly it means that there is nothing much going on on the emotional front and too much going on around me.
There is too much noise, so much so that, I am still reeling under its effect when I finally go off to sleep.

I can’t even think, there is too much noise.  

Not bad noise, no chaos, just noise. Too much of the physical world that just cannot reach into me.
There is not enough inspiration or maybe I am not looking. 

Yes, my eyes are closed I am sitting and letting the world get to me. 

Too much noise.

If I am not writing I am reading.
There is so much content in what people write. It is commendable how people rise from talking about the ‘ I. YOU. US.’ Talk about the world at large, talk about things in particular, talk about morals and life values. Talk about the needs, norms and calls of the society.

How different are they from me? 

I am too lost. I am trying to imagine this to not be real that there is something else that I am meant to do there is something else that I am supposed to be passionate for, something else that I should care about. 

But no, I seem to be my only priority. 

Bah. Too much noise.

21 May 2011

random conversations: yes. honestly? yes.

Y: [sms] "dil haare pukare tujhe..."

X: [calls] (smiles) main abhi yahi gaana sun rahi thi...

Y:(smiles) i love you..

X: i shouldn't be talking to you, hai na?

Y: honestly, yes.

X: should i put the phone down?

Y: yes.


14 May 2011

May's malady?

I can write a love song, a love sonnet.
I can show to you exactly how pretty the things will look when the couple walks hand in hand under pouring skies.
I can write a love poem that will make you blush.
I can do so much more but I cannot promise you that I will make a promise. 

You know why? 

…usne apni deewangi baanti nahin…maine apni fakeeron me luta di…