15 Oct 2012

The opposite of Zen.

Only if we start eradicating/castrating/eliminating duffers from our personal space can it be possible to get the morons up there off our faces. Effing channels beam Big Boss and the entire family watches that, Aaj Tak and other news channels decorate moronic stories and come up with 45 minutes long super-stupid *news special*. Feels like they are invading our personal space and shitting on us.
Fucking morons. Effing sickening morons.

6 Oct 2012

The Quest

This was a long comment on someone's blog a long time back, I still think the same way and it still is the same. 

I agree to us being prisoners.
Prisoners of our minds, of our egos, of our self contained prejudices. 
We are all prisoners here of our own device.
Holding us and curbing us at the same time.
I'd say, Love is over rated. All of it is.
I'd say forever is bullcrap. 

Yes we get attracted. Yes we fall. Yes we agonise, torment and vice-versa.
But then, just the same we move on. 
Moving on is undeniable because we as humans are medically fit for Love with a person only for 4 years (the effects of the chemical changes that occur in the body when one is attracted to the other stay only for a 4 years…the same then start to wane. True story!)
Love would not have been over rated if it was the ONE that we loved for life.
But we don't, do we? 

Why should one fight to be with that one and then regret saying - "you are completely different form the person that I settled for"?
We get attracted to a person because we think that he/she is perfect for us. Over the time, the person becomes more and more imperfect not entirely his own doing but more so because we see the reflections of our unrealized dreams, our imperfections in the person. The romantic projection of a God/Goddess at a point in time gives way to a normal, needy, erring human being that is almost just like you are, just as likely to fail/fall as you are. 

I believe that Love can be sustained when someone loves your flaws. Yes, it is the love for the virtue in a person that can initiate Love but it is only the keenness of the other to love the flaws that can sustain it.

Someone said once:

"I love your flaws, because they are only mine to love"
(But then again, this was a long time back, though that someone is nowhere to be found now, and eventually I realised that when that someone said that, that someone did not mean it; I still think however,if at all there is any, that is how Love should be.)