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ECSTASY: A feeling when you feel you are going to feel a feeling you have never felt before.

why do we tingle the touch-me-not?
stare at the sun..till we see violet blotches everywhere?
why do we wear brilliant whites..and then go to the dirtiest places and sulk when they are dirty?

why do we smile when we see a school going kid bend down and struggle with his laces?
and his water-bottle and his bag?
why does the sweet dairy milksweeten the day when you have it for breakfast?

why do we sing a song and hop a step when the breeze is nice?
why does food remind you of mom?
and a hug and a pat of your brother?

the sky isbrilliantly blue when your eyes are clear...
the smiles are infectious...(more than the swine flu)...
and the laughter harder...

life is always beautiful just get up on the right side of the bed :P

“कभी ख़ुद पे, कभी हालत पर रोना आया...”

कहीं किसी क आंसूं बहते रहे...
उन्हें न सम्भाल पाए,
अपनी नाकामयाबी पर रोना आया..
कहीं और चल दी हम...
छोड़ आए कुछ बीच राह में,
अपनी खुदगर्जी पर रोना आया..

सारा जहाँ से प्यार बटोरते रहे...
ना बांटा न बटने दिया...
अपनी मतलबी चाहतों पर रोना आया...

इश्क किया शायद हमेशा ख़ुद से ज़्यादा...
किसी और की मोहब्बत को समझ न पाने की,
अपनी इस न-समझी पर रोना आया...

न दिखी तेरी लाचारी, न दिखी तेरी तकलीफ...
न दिखी मुझे तुझमे मेरी पर्ची,
अँधेरी नगरी में बस्ती अपनी हस्ती पर रोना आया...

“कभी ख़ुद पे, कभी हालत पर रोना आया...”

the altruist narcissist

I am the fear of the stranger in a new country.
I am the essence of the dictator’s might.
I am the mist of the morning.
I am the silence of the night.
I am the demon inside you.
I am the righteousness of the soul.
I am the pure white space surrounding angels.
I am the putrid black inside of me.
I am the sparkle of the cut-diamond
I am the darkness of the deepest fissure.
I am the sullen child’s last try.
I am the hope in the bride’s eyes.
I am the warmth of the lover’s embrace.
I am the chill of the assassin’s last blow.
I am the bitter-sweet sarcasm of love.
I am the virgin’s first kiss.
I am the elusive enigma.
I am the mystery solved.
I am omnipotent, I am omnipresent.
I am lost, I am no-where.

In life I am.
Death I revel.
न सुबह हुई...
न कल की रात ढली.
आज भी कल में रहते हैं,
जीने की कोशिश में जैसे, साँसें गिनते रहते हैं.

कभी उखडी साँसें,
कभी मंद सी हो गईं.
आज मौसम बी कुछ मंद सा है,
जैसे दबी दबी सी साँसें मेरी...

तूफ़ान की तबाही और उसके बाद सन्नाटा,
ये चीखती खामोशी कैसी...

........blah, blah and then some more blah................. Yeah and ‘I, ME and (a lot of) MY-SELF”

1...2....3....4.....5..... [elves ringing tune]......”dhan tana tana nana....kya aap nayi...” blah blah...beep...beep...aarrgghhh!!!

Ok how embarrassing it is to keep waiting for the phone to ring and it does not.
Not waiting for any particular phone calls just any other phone call, but no, the phone does not ring.
It just stays. Ok now you scan the contact list for someone to call...hmm...1.what to talk about...2.naah out of balance...std call...3...blah...blah...aaarrgghhh!!!!
What happens when you want to talk to somebody, just about anybody and you can’t? You have people around you but you instead have your earplugs on even if there is no music playing.

This is the blank, blunt, sometimes numbing phase succeeding that phase of your life when you have lived with the phone.
Slept talking on the phone and woke up not to the sound of the alarm bell but your phone vibrating because of an impending call.
I hated it so much so that my phone was on silent/off/offline mode all the time. And toda…


1.The best way to get rid of a person, all of his/ her manifestations in your life is to get into a commitment/relationship with the person in question. Most of the times that turns the love part of it into work. As more than 90% of time it is just plain attraction.

2.The most adjustments are expected from the youngest in the group/ the least foul-mouthed in the group. And the wise don’t adjust they just find another (generally better) route to flow.

3.“loha lohe ko kaat ta hai”;
This line was brought into practical use and it passed the test (yup it works)
I managed to piss off Kalki baba by actually getting into minuter details. i pushed myself further to perfection. And he was aghast. :P


Speak of life in a miniature scale.
Speak of life as an amalgamation of the various moments when one has been touched…speak of touch.
Life, they say, is not the measure of the number of breaths we take.
It is, rather, the moments which take our breaths away. Moments when we encounter those stray smiles, stolen kisses, chance contacts and coincidental meetings. The smile one gets from the furthest corner of the room, accompanied with a wink, when you are on the other extreme;
When you are the one without the smile; in a split second the widest grin is yours.
The drama is unseen by the ‘others’.

The chance bouts of alone-ness in a room packed with people, with an awareness of self and the surety with which magnanimous life decisions are taken.
The holy speech about life, unearthing profound truths delivered. All this unheard by everyone; but the applause… The applause is loud and clear.
The eyes of that stranger hold you and say a thousand words. The words unheard but the feeling stays on.…
a status tag on gtalk says.

"life is tough for people who dream."

i say isn't it so much easier because one dreams.
ask people who don't.
who can't..