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Chapter 1|Control
I like a clean house. Everything kept in its designated place, appropriate or otherwise. I am a cleanliness freak. Yes.
No. I am a control freak. I like to control everything around me, a lesson learnt from the past, where I simply allowed things to happen. Today, I want to know what is where; how and why it got there. Everything I have ever lost has cost me sleepless nights.
If I break something, I should be the one to blame, not otherwise. If I lose someone I should know I had it coming.
I am a human after all, there is only so much I can do. Of course , there are days when I let go, only if  very briefly, where I let the winds blow stuff away, sitting there appreciating the fury that is so much stronger than I am.
There are some days when Che decides to take over and mess everything up, I get defensive and try and take things in my hand, these are days when I fight with him, following him and picking up stuff after him. I hardly ever lose, but I like him winning more…