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realizations:potty thoughts.

realization 1: if you want to do something, say it. 
                    if you really want to do something, don't.

...chances are when you hear yourself/read yourself saying it, you won't do it. 

realization 2: sometimes the best way to stay is to leave. 
because after a certain time,if you around, you are just someone who is around

A thing or two about tattoos

a very dear friend, who has been around here has agreed to grace this place from time to time. he needed to be anonymous and calls himself "d3ath".
He dare not steal my thunder. keep reading and commenting ( read cat-calls, whistles, and obscene cusses if he sucks =P )


and here is his first post!!
A thing or two about tattoos

So I got another tattoo today. For those who know about tattoos, it is a tribal on my arm...a flaming tribal, to be precise. While I was at the tattoo place, a certain Atomic Tattoo in Texas, I realized something....some things, actually. First was that I lack creativity. Before I had gone inside the shop, I was certain about what tattoo I wanted to get and I liked the design so much that I forgot my arm might not be fit for it. In my thoughts, the tattoo did not fit to arm; the arm modified to fit the tattoo...which is really stupid, and I know I need to snap out of this dreamworld of mine that I live in....but I'll d…