30 Aug 2012


agar mujhse mohabbat ho jae, to ek nazm likhna...
mere paas aake, mere kaano me wo geet gun guna na...

If it so happens that you fall in love with me, write me a love sonnet, no don’t laugh now, I mean it. Write me a love sonnet and then when you are midway through it and you realize that there is nothing really to write and then you laugh aloud at your foolishness, turn around and leave without saying a word.

And if you can’t leave, say you laugh loud and then you draw a big smiley face on paper (or a gloomy/sad/morose smiley because people tell me that is how I am generally perceived, though you know that is not the case I am mad sometimes) but the point being you cannot leave and you come to me and tell me what happened (well because you are not scared of my reaction are you? You are my man J ) then let me know, that you love me. Maybe, you wouldn’t have to say it.

Maybe I would write you a sonnet, 

Khamosh rahoon to batiyate rehna....baatein karun to sunte rehna.
nahin...khamosh hi rehna, meri khamoshi sunte rehna....

magar, agar kabhi mujhse mohabbat ho, to chup mat rehna....mere paas aana aur mujhse kehna.

21 Aug 2012


Will it feel like flying with the wind whilst falling off the cliff?
Will teardrops flying off my face, fall back on me as raindrops instead?

2 Aug 2012

Love is blind.

...and She said that love was blind.
She left her home travelled into another country. people with darker skins, a darker mind. weird language and weirder thoughts. 
She didn't think about anything, She just followed him.

Mohabbat honi chahie thi, jung ladni thi...dil jalne chahie the. jeet honi chahie thi.
mohabbat hi nahin hui bas; bas jung hi ladte reh gae.
khud se, tujhse...is-se us-se...sirf jung hi ladi.
yaar mohabbat honi chahie thi...

pyar hua, par wo ishq wali baat nahin thi. jung ladne ki koshish bhi ki to sali aadhe dil se ki, pura dil lagana chahe bhi to kya? kabhi usne nakaar dia kabhi dil ne use nakaar dia.
 pyar pe, pyar ke nagme likhe...pyar me pyar ke nagme pyar wali baarish me bheegte gaae...
par wo ishq me bheege dil wali baat hi nahin thi...sukha sukha sa hi hai sab bas...
mohabbat honi chahie thi re. sachi.

'did you plan all this?
She smiles and says, 'Love is blind!'