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The Introvert’s dilemma

You have changed houses , schools , cities towns villages and in time lost 'friends ' , 'almost friends ' (?) All of this done so many times so that the entire cycle of making friends and holding onto them tires you out.
So you stop trying at all . Nothing feels permanent as nothing is permanent.  The cities you once called 'your own ' have now changed beyond recognition .  What is home after all ? 
An amalgamation of all the small towns you grew up in? Your subconscious mind combines them all together to form one giant mega-city which is  an ever growing weed ridden farmland because you haven't settled any where yet; you haven't put in roots.
What is a home city ?  A place where you have worked/are working in . A place where you may stay in as long as works keeps you and then you cut ties and are kicked out. 
Which is your home city ? A place where your parents live ? The place you called home once and you spent the better part of your  student life in…