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a hand on my heart.

I am tad overweight...but there has to be a pair of hands which can wrap around me and hug me.
One thing that fits just right.
One place where I can be lost to the world.

A strange familiarity.

lovers are not lovers for love's sake.
love is not always illogical or blind or a momentary lapse of reason.
love is not love for love's sake.
love does not need a love story, love does not need to be professed, love does not need to be found.
it just materializes, as an answer to questions that haunt you, striking you at the moment you least expected.

for all questions there is an answer, and that answer more often than not is love.  


i stole a story, i loved it...i hope you like it too. 


orignal link : A strange familiarity.
author : Krish


The rain was knocking hard on the window panes and he was surprised to be annoyed with the same sound that he once loved and romanticized about. Nakul had arrived at the hill station 2 days ago, riding all through the night. But, his plans of exploring a beautiful terrain that held a soothing promise were thwarted by the incessant rains, making it impossible to get out of his hotel room. He checked his smart-phone for a…

mist and music

There is purity tucked in nooks and corners… When you play the ‘tivra sa’ and there is that automatic chime with the heavens telling you that you have hit the right note.  There is nonchalance when it rains and all you see is water drops forming something of a ending up moist on the foot-board of the train not wet, not dry...something like love.
there must be God. has to be.


and it rained.

on cracked asphalt.
on parched skin.

it rained all over the wretched heart.

it rained...