4 Aug 2013

Loving is good if it's not understood

I would’ve told you what Love is,but am sorry darlings, I am not qualified enough. 
Let me tell you what love is. It is a common noun; a word used to describe affection ranging over varied degrees. 

“Send me a picture after you’ve washed your hair, I can bet you smell lovely”

“Are they dry? Send me a picture after you’ve dried your hair”

He likes me so much that he cannot lust for me and whenever he does he looks at my face and an over powering affection takes over.

I lay naked in his arms and he smiles pulls my cheek, plays with my nose and hugs me.
I love him too. I love him, so I fight with him, so, I fight him. I have questions, questions ranging from a lover’s jealousy, to a lover’s might. He disappoints me. I cannot tempt his wrath, I cannot bring him to... 

He loves me, he does, I think. 

I would’ve told you what Love is, but sorry darlings I am not experienced enough.  

P.S. You can do much better than this bitch.