22 Apr 2010

the conversation that never was -1

"So say you'll watch over me
When I'm in too deep
Tell me you'll always be
There to pull me free"

what will it be like to have someone to watch over you?

you are down he comes to you pats u and says it will be ok,
you do not listen ...
he looks at you... you start with swear words..pleading him to get away.
he dsnt..he looks at you...
you shreik...shout...go hysterical...asking him to leave.
he slaps you...
you are stunned.
you look at him.
tears in your eyes.
he hugs you, says "it will be ok"
you whisper a silent 'i love you'...

what will it be like to have some one watch over you?


12 Apr 2010

"Can you do Division? Divide a loaf by a knife - what's the answer to that?" ~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

i am not the only one with a brilliant imagination and bad maths! i have got company!! 

try THIS link...must see for all Calvin N Hobbes' fans!


11 Apr 2010

Just Like That

well there is  a lot of work at hand and i was planning out the details of how to make the ends meet. i was looking at the calender and it suddenly struck me that i completely forgot about the birthday of an Aries guy friend of mine, who i was completely crazy about apparently.

i remember whining and sighing about him. i remember us, me and him, spending so much time discussing so many things. i remember a particular pact between us, that of us getting married to each other if we did not find any one worthy till we turn 30. i remember him driving from one end of the city to another just to attend the annual function at my school where i was performing.
but, i forgot his birthday.

he is not in my friends list. he is not on my blogroll. i dunno if he would even read this.
i remember he was a sweetheart.
god bless. happy belated birthday!

how time passes,
how we live and leave;
how we earn friends and foes.
how we earn memories.
how we whine and sigh and kill and mull over this, today,
he we completely loose touch, how we fall apart and walk away.
how a past fight or a kiss draws a smile in equal measure,
how a past romance or a break-up is remembered with equal pleasure.


8 Apr 2010

why don't you come?

sneak into my dreams...
list the endless realities...
talk to me in whispers...
talk of the surreal, of fantasies...
wish me with a sombre kiss...
sing to me a silken lullaby...
walk with me to love amiss...
 lead me to the light ahead; lets walk away leaving life by...


4 Apr 2010


kal tha phir ek khwab dekha...
aaya hai tera paigaam dekha.
aankehn khuli to na tu, na koi khat...
labon ke tale ek bas ek nishaan dekha.

ek khidki khuli si,
dheemi khushbhu, baarish ki booden;
akele se aaine me tera aks dekha,
phir tha kal ek kwab dekha...


1 Apr 2010

wild times

i was driving on a happy Sunday, singing the highway song;
 i saw an elephant tall and strong.

i thought i'd drive past. i waited. i honked.
he did not budge. he did not move. he stood. he stared.

i glared at him,
he glared back.

i showed him the finger,
he took me out of the car and threw me aside.

moral of the story 1: a finger is no match to the trunk. 
moral of the story 2:never mess with an elephant. =|

wild times...Gulzar style: