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do you do it too?

I look at women admire them for a quality that they have/lack and then think of my male 'friends' and how they would have liked her.

I heard this woman online with an amazing voice, an enticing name and an awesome profile pic, (no I was not stalking anyone, I was just mindlessly surfing) and instantly thought of this someone who would have easily liked her. I played out an entire relationship in my head and then thought I should tell him about her.

...and then I did

time goes by, so slowly...

kuch waqt ho chala hai tujhse baat kie hue, kuch waqt ho chala hai tere awaz me ghule shehad ko chakhe...kuch waqt ho chala hai tujhse lade, kuch waqt ho chala hai tujhe yaad kie.... waqt beet chala hai, ye waqt najane kaise par chale chala hai...

kuch waqt ho chala hai tere hoton pe apne hoton se apna naam likhe, kuch waqt ho chala hai tune mujhe yaad nahin kia...kuch waqt ho chala hai tu mujhe bhool sa gaya hai, kuch waqt ho chala hi teri aahat bhi nahin hai... waqt hi to hai, guzar jaega waqt hi to hai jo kat ta nahin hai...

title from this track:


...and what did I do today? I played hide and seek (he did the hiding) with a 2 year old kid at the table opposite mine when I was out for dinner today.

I didn't need dessert and he laughed a hearty laugh =)



And this week comes to a close.
One day can teach you many things, and I learnt through the week. This week taught me more than I could keep pace with.
I had a panic attack (or so I call it) which was the fallout from bad performance at work, losing people over  misunderstandings, the feeling of inadequacy, the tally between 'what could have been- what should have been- what is now', the volcanic eruption of everything that I had bottled up inside of me (read as a whole lotta crap). I lived for an entire day with a nagging feeling of uneasiness coupled with a strange fear that I am going to burst into flames any moment now, and I was literally trying to save myself from falling (and yes not to mention the falling in a moving bus and the conductor saving me and pointing out the seat that remained unoccupied coz I was preoccupied, yes I was not hurt, save a non-existential scratch on the wrist). I was on a spree looking for ego-boosters and trying to be invisible both at the same ti…