26 Feb 2010

couldn't help it.
simply love the new coke ad!!
the script the actors, the background track.

a befitting hindi version of the strange love ad (which again was awesome) 

17 Feb 2010

of brothers!

i was looking for something that i did not find.
i made arrangements to go without it.
i found it 3 days before d-date. 
it was too late to incorporate into the work schedule but too important to leave.
i was in a fix.

scared, shit shit scared.

there are these nervous pangs which are almost unknown to me. i have given umpteen exams, umpteen vivas, i just never have nervous breakdowns, nervous pangs and that sinking feeling is something that is foreign to me. melancholy is my vice, but a cool head and confidence is my virtue.

i was shit scared.

but then 
i had a brother who looked at me and said don't worry we will work it out.
 i realized i have this particularly peculiar confidence in him that lifted that cloud.
he is younger than me but then he was like a big brother who is here only to get rid of my problems for me =)
it still was a troubled night but i knew i had someone to walk with me.
i was scared no-more.


p.s.:  i will still fight with him and crib about him.. =)


13 Feb 2010


(ohk weirdo don't make a face)
write one, read one, dedicate one!!! 

i post my fav by Krish:

Aaj phir unke gali ki oar jaane ka man kiya,
Unke chaukhat pe nange paav khade hone ka man kiya,
Bhale hi kyun na aana pade khali haath waapis,
Aaj jholi bichaker Unse mohabbat maangne ka man kiya.
follow link for more.

 a classic:

She lived unknown, and few could know
When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
The difference to me! 

-william wordsworth.

and gulzar...

Tumhari Lau Ko Pakadke Jalney Ki Aarzoo Mein,
Jab Apne Hi Aap Se Lipat Ke Sulag Raha Tha.
Bata To Us Waqt Main Kahaan Tha,
Bata To Us Waqt Too Kahaan Thi.

and i gift myself a book


12 Feb 2010


i plan to watch movies on the V-DAY. my top rating romances are sunrise/sunset movies. they just blow u away.
btw for people with people to go out with, movies are a great idea.

top V-DAY movies:

before sunrise 

before sunset


11 Feb 2010


 it is that time of the year.
the MUSH time of the year.
and as i am not counting on any knights or princes or anybody for that matter to show on my door , i have, thus, planned to post sweet nothings on my blog.
not that i am the typically-pink-lovey-mushy kinds but then this time of the year makes me behave like one =|

the first: the greatest compliment you can give a girl. dedicate a song.
the ones topping my list this year are:

more updates when i can think of any...

happy mush everyone.

8 Feb 2010

bored 1 and bored 2 get doin it again!!!

X :अभी न जाओ छोड़ कर....
के दिल अभी भरा नहीं!!

Y : समय तोह लगेगा अभी....
के अभी तो बकरा कटा नहीं!

X : नजाने कब कटेगा फिर;
बिरयानी कब पकेगी मेरी!!

Y : पकेगी बिरयानी, डलेगा उसमे ग़ोश्त भी
सब्र करो थोडा, भरेगा पेट properly!

X : बकरे को बुलाइए
के चुप न जाए हमसे कहीं ...

Y : मसलों का arrangement,
कर तो लीजिये अभी...
चावल पका के रखिये,
बुलाते हैं उसे यहीं!

Chorus : अभी न जाओ छोड़ कर.
के दिल अभी भरा नहीं... x2


any references to a particular person is entirely intentional and not at all a co-incidence.

p.s. if u know it is you...do not sulk.
p.p.s: if u think it is you...feel free to ask on GMAIL.
p.p.p.s: what ever the case is...it is not entirely you =P

x= bored 2
y= bored 1
bakra= what you think we will tell you??, wait for a poem on you...

4 Feb 2010

give me a reason.

give me a name for the season, the name for this part of the year.
name the wind that blows in the evenings these days...
give me a name for the guilt, the remorse.
give me a reason, give me a name.
give me a reason to leave, give me a reason to stay.



peck on my cheek,
a long conversation in silence.
a long phone call.
a whole day of loud music, singing at the top of my voice...
a peck on my cheek
a guilt free/remorse free day.
a hug.

background song on repeat



a friend
little care and warmth
no wrath

2 Feb 2010

nothing is happening. i just wanted a post for 1st FEB.
no nothing special.