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animminent danger lurked,as she tampered on with her life; for behind her was a past  engulfed in shrieks. 

entry for HERE .............

"Between Hope and Fear, Love makes her home." - Raymond Lully.4

"The thoughts are now closing in…I am closing up. Shutting up completely for sure…getting lost again, into oblivion, obscurity locking the doors leaving the key behind and burning the house down. I’ll do that tomorrow, in the morning; yes mornings are great times to start things. To begin things, that are calling for an impending end. Yes, I’ll think more clearly and more surely in the morning.
There is a knock on the door, it is you again. Why?
Why today of all days? I’m not pretty today I am ugly, scarred almost insipid. Why?
Hushed... I feel you close, coming onto me…kissing my scars, all of my pain, my malice. gaining power over me, taking me in as I was never gone, as you were never gone. holding me like I was yours forever. Like there is a power that you can command. Like there was nothing lost, like there was no asking. 
But it hurts to see you see me like this.see me unkempt. 
I feel uglier when I am held in your arms; my abode once, that place is not mine anymore. I am repulsi…
"gazab ka hai din socho zara...."

the chatterbox broke into a song today and at the same point in time me, Asha (the maid) and MOM in three different places in the house started singing the song....the clouds outside are promising a beautiful drizzle....

" deewanapan dekho zara"

*can i have a little background noise please*

OK now...silence!

Now THIS blog post here is all about me and things that i am sitting with right now. This is MY den, the part of the house that is my territory and I rule it (and can say that out loud to mom =P).  Some time ago, I read THIS thought-provoking post in Suruchi's blog and thought lets do something about it. (and yes I am STILL all VELLA ). So I did a little clicking, a little Photoshop-ing and HERE I AM. 

I don't sleep alone at night i have bed mates =D the one in yellow is one hell of a hugger....though i end up spooning him in the dead of the night instead of it being the other way round =P
 life is completely - incomplete without a (soul) mate. (though technically he/she/it does not have a soul i can so easily manipulate it to make it think the way i do, or am i manipulating myself?? ummmm.....aarrrggghhh)

subah hoti hai to janab smirk karte hue good morning bolte hain and chatterbox sahi wale gaane bajata hai.....but…

entry for 3WW CCVII

He nudged me, called out my name. I think I should have hastened my gait; For He says now, love needs to ripen and until then, life needs to wait.  

my first entry for THIS website

random conversations: the breakfast dialog =P

MTV:*rote kaiko ham? ha(aaaaaaa)in.....rote kaiko ham????*  ME:  itna ro ro ke...ha(aaaaaa)in...questions puchte kaiko ham??

MTV: *would you lie for love?*   ME:hain? would i? never!        umm....        but isn't all fair in love and war?      hmmm....

MTV: *he's so sexy sexy!* ME: i'd sure lie for love ;)


people who have been reading my blog for sometime now (people, people!!!!) have heard a lot about Vinobha. he met with an accident 2 weeks ago and has 24 stitches!!
( i wonder how that was even possible, given it is Vinobha)
this was a conversation i had with him...posting it again [it had 0 comments (i hate unread garbage =|)]
[in the red (monstrous) volvo] bhavika: ye dettol jaisi smell aa rahi hai na.
vinobha: haan wo swine flu hai na isilie dettol daal dia hai. bhavika: huh?? usse kya faida hone wala hai?
[silence] [after 10 minutes]
bhavika: ye dettol jaisi smell abhi tak aa rahi hai.
vinobha: hmm...khali hawa kyu…
truth and beauty are cousins at war.
R.I.P: to the incorrigible girl who once loved sunflowers and butterflies.

For angels tread on heavenly grounds, I dare not set my foot on the clouds.
There is this nonchalance that she and the world shared. None ever did tread upon each other’s roads, but walked past by, always.Her worst fear and her greatest d