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of heart stealers and heart wrenchers.

the "aww!!" moment of the day was when i saw the NEW NANO AD, the girl looking around and then adding the 'kajal ka tika' was a heart stealer! this perfect moment was ruined by kareena 'blaaaa-aaaa-hhhh' kapoor (who almost looks like a zombie) in her new HEAD AND SHOULDERS AD.

(no i ain't linking it. you really expect me to look for it?)

what goes around, goes around then comes all the way back around.

there are some-things that people revisit to. there are a few books, some poems, many songs and a handful of movies that i go back to again and again and i get the answers, whenever i need them. snap! like that!
one of such movies is before sunrise.  and i quote:
Jesse says: "You know…you know what's the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? It‘s when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with, and you realize that that is how little they're thinking about you, you know? You know, you'd like to think that you're both in all this pain, but really, they're just, “Hey, I'm glad you're gone "
it is so amazing,this life, it is so much about 'not' being somewhere, 'not' doing(/being able to do) something. there are so many of these 'not's', this loop, that one cannot come out of.  there is this theory of detachment that is beautifully …


for people like me and my mummy, who have studied in Christian schools, Christmas is a very exciting festival. we don't do anything out of ordinary, but we do listen to Christmas carols and other Christmas songs through the day.
it is very close to something like Diwali minus all the show.

for someone like my papa, who has not studied in a Christian  school, he does not understand this behavior of ours at all.

on a different note altogether, my last year's 25 Dec post still holds good today. looks like i have and will stay the same forever. though i think this year i really want to believe in Santa Claus.

more on that later.

Merry Christmas ppl!!

strange are the ways of mush

we find mush in the strangest of places, don't we?

on my way to work today, i saw a woman. someone who you'd pass as THE typical housewife, someone i thought would be confined to her daily saak-bhaaji and stay satisfied.
she was reading P.S. I Love You.
the book is an over-hyped but VERY average romance, but yet, it was something that surprised me. the title of the book and the romance associated with the book and her persona.
that really made me wonder at my shallowness.
i smiled.

the second instance was when i saw the mail id that my project manager uses for his personal use, his email id has his wife's name as the middle name. that was really something.
say something like, anupam.anjali.thakore, it felt beautiful. think over it is really beautiful.

i never knew i was shallow and i never knew that the project manager was a romantic.


best of luck with mush everyone.

Merry Christmas!!

welcome to my world you are now a part of the FANTASY!!

I saw five puppies on the kitten's lookout; With a parrot; the watch-“dog” for their hideout. The pretty nightingales gossiping about the flirty crow; As the mice and squirrels and rodents and rabbits sung and danced in the burrow. The ant’s army had lined around their grand hill; While the queen ant and the queen bee fought over the dinner’s bill. The slithery snake was unhappy with J.K. Rowling; And said, Voldermont in his grave was rightfully growling

They watched and watched as the butterfly sat on one flower and then the next; I looked at them; the honey bees were feeling inferior at the pretext. The earthworms wriggled out of the earth; When the pitter-patter raindrops filled the pot-holes; the frogs ready to give birth. “Cock-a-doodle-do “the cock sang his song; “Aah!” said the hen, “Now you wake up?? The sun has been up since long”. As I walked around a bit if saw the lion sad and disillusioned at the state of affairs; The cub had secured low grades and his class teacher ‘miss. Hippo’ do…

the SWEETEST "dhamki" ever registered on planet EARTH! =D

"if there is anyone after Houdini who has the right to the famous
disappearing act, then that person is me. YOUR blogs and you should
not try to compete with me. I'll wait for their return. and if you
want me to stop bugging you, tell me with a reason that is good

.....................and i couldn't say no.

one last breath

This TAG was long overdue and am now doing it finally.  tagged by : Anshul  (a.k.a Babaji =P)
1.If someone asks you, “are you okay??” you say: -Baaten hawa hain saari -Cheeni Kum
which is well a way of saying that I WILL give you a very vague answer, which clearly describes you my nonsensical-whimsically cynical self.  right!
2. How would you describe yourself? -Heavy in your arms - Florence and the Machine this is interesting and apt to a particular me  (p.s. particular me is read as: there are many me's many faces...this one fits the bill of one of them)
"I was a heavy heart to carry My feet dragged across ground And he took me to the river Where he slowly let me drown
My love has concrete feet My love's an iron ball Wrapped around your ankles Over the waterfall" 
3.  What do you like in a guy/girl? -Hide your love away (the Eddie Vedder version)

 point taken boss! =P
4. How do you feel today? -Man of constant sorrow - Soggy Bottom Boys. 
5.  What is your life’s purpose? I will follow yo…