29 Jan 2010


why do Indian families PREFER arranged marriages?
because they have a royal family background!!
all girls are princesses and boys princes.

 ok ok ... let me be a little more explicit.
look at any royal family, the bride is more than often chosen by the family, if not there is a huge uproar...and the whole family working also follows the footsteps of any royal family.
WELL i was watching this movie *fire and ice* it involves a royal family, a rebellious princess and a lot of fantasy, dragons and a good looking knight etc etc.
 the princess was constantly bossed around by her mother, like any ANY Indian mother. 
 "you are a princess, they are not supposed to behave like this,"
" you are a princess you are not supposed to eat like this"

baaki figure out yourself.

this idea suddenly struck me yesterday, it feels ok now.
why marriage?
a friend of mine got her marriage date finalized.
AND with 'M' question to be put on table by parents anytime now and not a knight at sight...THIS gives me relief =P

yeah ok am bored, there is nothing better to do, but this nonsense seems to make a lot of sense to me.
but well i wish they just banned marriage.


26 Jan 2010


we can draw inspiration ONLY  from new blokes in bollywood.
new MILE SUR is nice . but how nice can it be when it actually stands for:
 *PMS mera tumhara*
well so what if it was un-inspiring..too long...and nothing like the original; but well did its part showed how pretty and patriotic our bolyywood STARS are.
and thnaks to the news channels for telling us the names of the bollywood stars who got the padma awards but well yeah Six Padma Vibhushans, 43 Padma Bhushans and 81 Padma Shris are, also,  being awarded this year. 

Yes i will watch a Bollywood movies today laced with the patriotic fervor, routine song and dance and yeah pretty people.
 as  a gentle man comments on the celebration of RD parade:
"this day gives a heady romance to every indian and it should be celebrated"

nothing like the magic of this *old* wine....

happy republic day people.

update: http://krishashok.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/mile-sur-mera-tomorrow-fail/    this guy explains it all explicitly !!


24 Jan 2010


i have moved on;
don't cling onto me...
i have moved on.
don't see me in your dreams.don't say you love me;
lest i am tainted devil; i can't entirely be one.
let me be selfish; let me be cruel.
let me be the villain, one place i don't want to be found in-between.
kill me so that i am out of your sight.
i cant see you like this, please don't put up a fight.

came across THIS beautiful blog.

hooked to: nusrat fateh ali khan ; damien rice; rabbi shergill.:  all sound sufi to me.

P.S.: forgive the crap. it is not meant to be beautiful.
 neither the art nor the artist here is.

20 Jan 2010


खामोश हैं आज ;
कुछ केहना बी तो नहीं हैं |
ना कोई अधूरी काहानी है , नाही कोई आगाज़ जिसके अंजाम की उम्मीद  हो |
ना कोई किरदार; न कोई शक्ल जिक्सके धुंधले होने का दम भरें  |
कोई ख्वाब बी नहीं हैं के जिसके टूटने पर उदासी हो ; नाही कोई चाहत ना कोई आस |
कोई सवाल ही नहीं हैं के जिसके जवाब मैं रातों को जागा करें; कोई उलझन ऐसी जिसके सुलझने की फ़रियाद करें  |
ना तेरा साया है , ना तेरी तस्वीर  ;
ना तेरे जिस्म की प्यास; ना तेरे थर्राते होटों से अपना नाम सुन ने की चाहत कोई  |
नाही कोई बैचैनी  है; नाही कभी दबी हुई, कभी उखड़ी हुई सांस ;
नाही नींद |

एक अनजाना  ठहराव  है बस ; कुछ खामोश से हैं आज |

14 Jan 2010

random conversation: d3ath left the fly without wings

[scene: two people in opposite ends of the world, two different time zones; have this intellectual conversation]

bored 1 [having the morning cuppa' tea ]: if a fly gets it's wings cut off, would it be called a walk?
bored 2 [having the evening cuppa' tea] : naah, it will be called flied.
bored 1: hmm..

PS : the title's for those who cannot see


Death stands above me whispering low/i know not what into my ear/of his language all i know is/ there is not a word of fear- Walter Savage Landor

applaud..yes applaud the newest kill.
it fired me up. it gave me the thrills.
i walked over to walk up to again.
i passed by a thousand times.
i hammered in the nails in the coffin and buried my past.
the rust and the worms inside the clayey me; catalyzed by the inability to hold gave way,

gave way and the ghosts returned to haunt the glee.

the damning recluse's existence marred with self-induced misery.
the virgin’s fucked up without the penetration.
raped off of the music...of the dance of the soul.
i laugh at the mirror...i laugh at god's mockery.
the beautiful skin, the smile, the eyes and nothing at all to see.

embracing the corpses of ethics i slayed all my way.
i sign parchments of confessions as i lay there dead.

11 Jan 2010

i spoke to silence.

 haan, khamosh raat me ek kahaani likhi,
teri meri jawaani likhi.
shabdon se na bayan hui,
kuch ehsaas piroye; kuch saanson k sahare likhi.

kyun roya tu?
kya kisine tera naam likha?
kahan kho gaya tu?
kya kisine fir ilzaam nahin pyar likha?


9 Jan 2010

realizations 3: boredom blabber =|

I am taking driving lessons.  FINALLY!
It was my first day and the teacher is my baffled brother.
it is OH SO difficult,
i have so much more respect for truck drivers now.
the clutch and the accelerator are too adamant to work as a team, you are right with one but then the second just goes away; the poor break tries to help, but then the middle-man can do only that much....
it is more difficult than the trigonometry chapters in 11th.

well i realized three things aaj:

1. i am a caring person... =)
yeah my brother, mother and 90% of my friends wont agree but well, i refused to reverse the car because there was a BMC  sweeper, sweeping the road behind the car, i didn't want to hurt him.

*and a halo appears on my forehead as i write this*
*angel eyes*

2. it in not the people in particular but the characters they portray that makes them hot, both on reel and real life....the example i gave a friend to exemplify the above realization, who realized the same thing along with me:
vidya balan in kismat konnection (note the 'k) sucked big time.
but in parineeta, ishqiya (well trailors atleast) awesome!! ..

(girl here 'coz it was a dialogue between a straight girl and a straight a guy...who replied *yeah hmm *yeah hmm in both the cases, yah am the girl btw)

(gosh i am pathetic)

3.i am pathetically bored....pathetically! 
i watched and enjoyed  south-park.
what?? don't make a face now, you are pathetically bored too if you actually enjoy watching it.

p.s. the picture is for exemplificatory purposes only, i am not half as cute as she is =P
p.s.1: BTW i dunno if that is even a word.


6 Jan 2010

we fall and how


A word to the wise:

 "If you love the poetry, buy the book..
.. Don't fall for the poet"

it is so wrong to assume that the creator of  a beautiful piece of art is bound to be as beautiful or more beautiful than the art itself.
art maybe an exaggeration of a tiny fragment of his, maybe the beauty is secluded to remain till that, maybe the beauty finishes there with that fragment.

the beauty of the art remains forever, the finesse' of the artist may fade with time.

....it feels so light now....

P.S: i just wanted to record this line


4 Jan 2010


listen, listen to that far cry.
listen, listen the heart beats.
hush a while,hush listen to the feeble voice...
the flutter in the corner of the heart...
the silent quiver in that rusty corner,
the last page of that unread book.
the first dried rose,
the tear drop on the page dated to that special day.
listen listen to that faint cry,

hush,i want to listen to that girl...let me listen to her;
let me listen to her dream...

hush a while...hush!

3 Jan 2010

my dark resolutions !!

my second tag there!!!

tagged by : standby mind..
i am supposed to jot down my 5 dark resolutions for the year. so here goes.

1. i want to finish a full bottle of vodka, get high, dance like mad and sing zombie =|.

2.i want to erase the memory of  people i have hurt who i am too arrogant to say sorry to but am dying to settle matters. =|

3. i want to abuse and curse 5 people i won't name.  

4. i want to dance on lady gaga's paparazzi and embarrass a hottie in my college.

5. i want to start a rumor. it is silly but i have never been party to any or started any. =|

there goes. alright now i pass it on to everybody who has read this...who haven't been already tagged by standby.


1 Jan 2010

kill me but then let me die.

 i walked without fears under pouring skies, over drenched asphalt.
 i walked for her; i walked to her.
she met me halfway on the street.

she gave me an umbrella and took my hopes away.
she did my bed and took my sleep away.

do apologies ever suffice?
does time ever heal?
are decisions ever the right ones.
is she worth all this pain?


yeah no resolutions for me =)