25 May 2016

Let your fingers do the talking.

Have you ever forgotten your ATM pin? I did once. I have had been using the same combination for ages now, so I didn't need to put it now , I had thought I was immune, that I would never forget it.
On second thoughts, the thought of forgetting about it never crossed my mind. Like the thought of forgetting  your mother's name never crosses your mind, you never forget it you never put it down somewhere to remember it.

I called up my dad and asked him if he had the original docs and if he could help me with it. He told me it will come to me, to not hasten it. He told me to allow my fingers to remember it, go to the ATMs and try punching in the sequence. I laughed him off at first but my unrelenting trust on my father's way of life  took over and I did it, once/twice a week and one day, it just came to me. 

That was my eureka moment.

We live life like this, being used to things, getting comfortable. Letting our bodies, learn our language. Letting our bodies speak our language. Makes me scared, makes me think, how important it is to be mindful, how important it is to be aware of what language we are speaking, and what language our bodies in turn are.

In other news, discovered Paolo Nutini last week, told a friend about it and he says he has been listening to him since a long time. late bloomer me. 

check him out: 

10 May 2016


in anticipated anxiety,
the need to cry. forgotten
alive and awake,
the need to be seen and heard . forgotten
existing, pretending, coaxing, stifling, hiding.
like a rolling stone I'll walk alongside,
like a vagabond I'll leave you surprised.
a penny for each thought unsaid,
a penny for every memory that fades.
every single penny you earned,
don't forget, that is for every notion I burnt.
in ashes are those memories, those fantasies soot.
every desire famished, every lover moot.
the need to prove yourself myself;
writing in third person. forgotten.

forgotten for what is ever gotten
the desire to make sense. forgotten.


I came across this list of cues for poems. I am trying to do all of them.. 
this is one from the list (Write a poem about Forgetting) 

Maybe by the end of the list, I'll be better =)