29 Dec 2010

of heart stealers and heart wrenchers.

the "aww!!" moment of the day was when i saw the NEW NANO AD, the girl looking around and then adding the 'kajal ka tika' was a heart stealer! this perfect moment was ruined by kareena 'blaaaa-aaaa-hhhh' kapoor (who almost looks like a zombie) in her new HEAD AND SHOULDERS AD.

(no i ain't linking it. you really expect me to look for it?)

25 Dec 2010

what goes around, goes around then comes all the way back around.

there are some-things that people revisit to. there are a few books, some poems, many songs and a handful of movies that i go back to again and again and i get the answers, whenever i need them. snap! like that!
one of such movies is before sunrise
and i quote:

Jesse says:
" You know…you know what's the worst thing about somebody breaking up with you? It‘s when you remember how little you thought about the people you broke up with, and you realize that that is how little they're thinking about you, you know? You know, you'd like to think that you're both in all this pain, but really, they're just, “Hey, I'm glad you're gone "


it is so amazing,this life, it is so much about 'not' being somewhere, 'not' doing(/being able to do) something. there are so many of these 'not's', this loop, that one cannot come out of. 
there is this theory of detachment that is beautifully described by Morrie in Mitch Albom's book. it talks of completely taking it in, all the hurt to let it sweep you completely. thoroughly to go out there and face everything in totality. i completely believe in that theory, in its totality, it helps you move over people and things completely, destroying anything that ever was there, ever.and leave you with snippets from the past like photographs.ones that make you smile after a certain period of time. 

for smiles.

p.s. i totally recommend the movie and the book. 


for people like me and my mummy, who have studied in Christian schools, Christmas is a very exciting festival. we don't do anything out of ordinary, but we do listen to Christmas carols and other Christmas songs through the day.
it is very close to something like Diwali minus all the show.

for someone like my papa, who has not studied in a Christian  school, he does not understand this behavior of ours at all.

on a different note altogether, my last year's 25 Dec post still holds good today. looks like i have and will stay the same forever. though i think this year i really want to believe in Santa Claus.

more on that later.

Merry Christmas ppl!!

24 Dec 2010

strange are the ways of mush

we find mush in the strangest of places, don't we?

on my way to work today, i saw a woman. someone who you'd pass as THE typical housewife, someone i thought would be confined to her daily saak-bhaaji and stay satisfied.
she was reading P.S. I Love You.
the book is an over-hyped but VERY average romance, but yet, it was something that surprised me. the title of the book and the romance associated with the book and her persona.
that really made me wonder at my shallowness.
i smiled.

the second instance was when i saw the mail id that my project manager uses for his personal use, his email id has his wife's name as the middle name. that was really something.
say something like, anupam.anjali.thakore, it felt beautiful. think over it is really beautiful.

i never knew i was shallow and i never knew that the project manager was a romantic.


best of luck with mush everyone.

Merry Christmas!!

welcome to my world you are now a part of the FANTASY!!

I saw five puppies on the kitten's lookout;
With a parrot; the watch-“dog” for their hideout.
The pretty nightingales gossiping about the flirty crow; 
As the mice and squirrels and rodents and rabbits sung and danced in the burrow.
The ant’s army had lined around their grand hill;
While the queen ant and the queen bee fought over the dinner’s bill.
The slithery snake was unhappy with J.K. Rowling;
And said, Voldermont in his grave was rightfully growling

They watched and watched as the butterfly sat on one flower and then the next;
I looked at them; the honey bees were feeling inferior at the pretext.
The earthworms wriggled out of the earth;
When the pitter-patter raindrops filled the pot-holes; the frogs ready to give birth.
“Cock-a-doodle-do “the cock sang his song;
“Aah!” said the hen, “Now you wake up?? The sun has been up since long”.
As I walked around a bit if saw the lion sad and disillusioned at the state of affairs;
The cub had secured low grades and his class teacher ‘miss. Hippo’ doesn’t think it is fair.
She thinks Mr. Cheetah’s speeding lectures took the toll of the gloomy cub’s understanding;
And the pretty, slimy, doe-eyed Angelica, took away his standing.
This was a pretty tough match, to the hyena I said;
The wise owl then filled me in saying the jungle law had moved a petition for new laws in the land.
I felt the earth tremble beneath my feet as I approached the Savannah;
A pack of elephants were competing...all for a banana???
Then I saw the monkeys all shapes and sizes, different faces looking at me and smiling;
All of them, in the office, writing, calculating and filing.
It was too much, I had to run away, I took a shortcut to the loo;
I washed my face thinking...”am I in the zoo”???

There I saw the gorgeous puss in boots;
In my elation of the exquisite confrontation, I said hello to the loot. 
He showed me a door belonging to Mr. Disney; smirked and said to me...
“Welcome aboard!! You are now a part of the fantasy!!”


Written by an insanely- rhyming“ly” –Alice“ly”-confused me!!! :)


wrote this around July last year, guess somethings need to be brushed up a bit! this is my fav happy work =D

23 Dec 2010

the SWEETEST "dhamki" ever registered on planet EARTH! =D

"if there is anyone after Houdini who has the right to the famous
disappearing act, then that person is me. YOUR blogs and you should
not try to compete with me. I'll wait for their return. and if you
want me to stop bugging you, tell me with a reason that is good

.....................and i couldn't say no.

6 Dec 2010

one last breath

This TAG was long overdue and am now doing it finally. 
tagged by : Anshul  (a.k.a Babaji =P)

1.If someone asks you, “are you okay??” you say:

which is well a way of saying that I WILL give you a very vague answer, which clearly describes you my nonsensical-whimsically cynical self.  right!

2. How would you describe yourself?
this is interesting and apt to a particular me 
(p.s. particular me is read as: there are many me's many faces...this one fits the bill of one of them)

"I was a heavy heart to carry
My feet dragged across ground
And he took me to the river
Where he slowly let me drown

My love has concrete feet
My love's an iron ball
Wrapped around your ankles
Over the waterfall" 

3.  What do you like in a guy/girl?
 point taken boss! =P

4. How do you feel today?

5.  What is your life’s purpose?

don't i look like a stupid romantic fool enuff?? (damn you player) 
(oh btw awesome track =P)

6.What’s your motto?
bang on!! 
*I just wanna live while I'm alive*

7.  What do your friends think of you?

*When I'm trying so hard just to beat you 
I'm not really good at controlling my fate 
I'm not really good at controlling my anger 
I'm not really good at subduing my hate 
I'm not really good*

wait that is what Babaji thinks he is, and what i think (sometimes I am, though I think compared to me, at certain points in time, I am good most of the time =P)

8. What do your parents think of you?
no comments on that. 

9. What is 2 + 2?

and non-sense has never been better =P

10. What do you think of your best friend?

i will!! i am sure she is gonna be just fine. 

11 What is your life story?

*Khud chalkar rukta hu jaha jis jagah par
Ek aaisi sarhad hain meri*

(LOVE Lucky Ali!) 

12 What do you want to be when you grow up?

*But there's still tomorrow 
Forget the sorrow 
And I can be on the last train home 
Watch it pass the day 
As it fades away 
No more time to care 
No more time, today *

it is all about the choices that you make!! =)

13. What do you think when you see the person you like?

the best thing about the movie is its soundtrack. this one stands out. it is exceptionally awesome =)

k bum bum bum para.....

14. What will you dance to at your wedding 4th anniversary? 

if the "better" half survives the commitment till then, it is gonna be rocking...
play it on DJ!!

15. What will they play at your funeral?

Awesome movie, AWESOME track! 

16.What is your hobby/interest?

mashing it up? hobby? meh!

17.What is your biggest fear?

*had se behad had kardi, na chaali dil ki marzi*

18  What is your biggest secret?

19. What do you want right now?

20. What do you think of your friends?

(ROFL!! listen to the track to understand its aptness here =P)

21. When you want to rush to the toilet, what do you think?

22. Person you hate the most is in front of you, what will you tell the person?
  SILENT NIGHT- Lisa Hannigan 

23.   You have just won a lottery. What will you sing?
 Babaji- Mohit Chauhan (=P)

24.  What will you post this as? 

who ever has free time, an mp3 player and a blog is tagged. go on!!

25 Nov 2010

realizations:potty thoughts.

realization 1: if you want to do something, say it. 
                    if you really want to do something, don't.

...chances are when you hear yourself/read yourself saying it, you won't do it. 

realization 2: sometimes the best way to stay is to leave. 
because after a certain time,if you around, you are just someone who is around

22 Nov 2010

A thing or two about tattoos

a very dear friend, who has been around here has agreed to grace this place from time to time. he needed to be anonymous and calls himself "d3ath".
He dare not steal my thunder. keep reading and commenting ( read cat-calls, whistles, and obscene cusses if he sucks =P )


and here is his first post!!
A thing or two about tattoos

So I got another tattoo today. For those who know about tattoos, it is a tribal on my arm...a flaming tribal, to be precise. While I was at the tattoo place, a certain Atomic Tattoo in Texas, I realized something....some things, actually. First was that I lack creativity. Before I had gone inside the shop, I was certain about what tattoo I wanted to get and I liked the design so much that I forgot my arm might not be fit for it. In my thoughts, the tattoo did not fit to arm; the arm modified to fit the tattoo...which is really stupid, and I know I need to snap out of this dreamworld of mine that I live in....but I'll do that some other day. When I let the artist have a look at my arm and the design together, he knew in an instant that the design needs to be modified. Then I sat there, for about an hour and a half, looking at him drawing his masterpiece on my arm with a sketch pen. He would ask me a few questions about the basic idea of me getting that particular design and it was then that I found out that I had gone in without one. So he took the basic concept of the image I had given to him and he gave me a tattoo so awesome that I knew I had to get it done right then and there. His creativity astounded me. 
Another thing I realized when I was there was that I'm not in love with tattoos as much as I am in love with the pain that accompanies the process of tattooing the body. For my first tattoo, everytime the needle touched me, the pain removed every other sensation in my body. I had come to think of it as the obliterator. For the first time, my head was clear of emotions and thoughts. The only two things I was aware of were the existence of my own body...and the existence of pain in it. I could not think of anything, no matter how hard I tried to divert my mind off it. My second tattoo was just a practice to what was coming the next day....that big ass tattoo on my back!! I just wanted to get accustomed to the pain I had suffered from while was getting my first one. Then came my third one. While I was getting that done...which is almost a year ago from now...I couldn't handle it at first....but then came along the realization that given enough time and practice, you can even control pain...or rather, diminish it by focusing one something completely different...but the thing is, you have to be able to concentrate really hard...and generally when the pain is so sharp, I don't think people can focus on anything other than what they care about the most...and whatever is on their mind all the time. I tested this theory of mine yesterday and found out that it was true. I could focus away from the pain....but only to find that I could only focus to what causes me pain when I'm not getting tattooed... :-/


P.S.: For those looking to get one done, I have some advice from my tattoo artist, "The hand is a motherfucker when it comes to hurting"

P.S. 2:  Vast - Tattoo of your name is a good song.

31 Oct 2010


i looked into the mirror that night. 
just like that. 
the face hidden, nothing else but eyes.

i have beautiful eyes. 

they stared back at me. 
was i staring at them, or they staring back at me?
was it the other way round? 

i was as if in a trance.
 looking on.
like meditation.
like something beyond that.

it did not turn misty like it did before. 
i was aware of something,

 too aware to go beyond it, away from it to gain perspective maybe. 

i was struck by something i am unaware of. 
someone looked back at me, someone i did not recognize.

there was something amiss. 
something somewhere amiss.
or maybe there has been too much that i had not kept up with. 

i was looking at me, as if i was looking at someone else. 

what does this mean anyways?

i am not making sense.

babaji ko bhookh lagi; 
babaji ko khana mila, to khae kyun nahin?

babaji ko bhookh lagi to gae bhatore khane
chole ke bajae tadka parosa gaya;
babaji gurrae...bole, khaunga na ye ab main.
babaji ne fir kadhi maangi 
to chaach di gai...
babaji uth khade hue, mud kar bhi na dekha;
bas chal die.

babaji ko thi bhookh lagi ;
babaji ko khana to mila, to khae kyun nahin?


the most clichéd thing about a cliché is that it is true. 

wasn't that another cliché

30 Oct 2010


"i'll go"
rok lo ab ke jana nahin hai. aankhen munde raaton ko kho jate hain
  subah chehra zara aur dhundhlata hai....
 din me apni talaash par jaate hain
  na makaam hai pata...
  ...na raste ki khabar

theherte hi nahin, gawate chale jate hain....kuch kehte kehte ruk jate hain...khud ko khokar wapas chale aate hain....

"batorte ho hamko raaton ko, neende gawa kar
                  raaste bataoge?"
"nahin""...musafir main bhi hun, humsafar ban jaunga"

27 Oct 2010

oh night thou shall pass.

i spent a lot of time, trying to write something right from my heart.
realized there is nothing much in there now...i was thinking about the line below through the day, thought will post this instead:

" There are few things sadder in this life than watching someone walk away after they've left you, watching the distance between your bodies expand until there's nothing... but empty space and silence. "
-Jane, someone like you

22 Oct 2010


YES my blog is officially malicious now

As of you who have had the guts to break that RED WALL with the huge warning to not, NOT, get into my blog, all I can say is, bhai bahut zyada Rambo-giri dikhane ki zarurat nahin hai, PC crash ho gaya to???
But now that you are here, you might as well pay for it. It is complete randomness, like I made sense pehle kabhi.
Umm, for all US, dyslexic people ( I call myself that all the time,because of the power of making spelling mistakes vested in me by my language teachers who thought they’d  have no marks to award me if they deducted marks per word ) random is a gravely funny word.

Yes, you can have so many random thoughts all of them making sense. Major discoveries are outcomes of randomness. Newton and the naked guy running around the town shouting Eureka (YES, I am too tired to Google that up, BUT I continue blabbering, roko, chalo roko =|) all chance, random thoughts.

One such thought came to me when I was walking back home from the station (yes I live in Mumbai now, I don’t hate is as much now but well more on that later) (now for people who follow my HTML-tag (all googled gyaan) that leads to my music blog will know how much this walk today has been special (bleh, small little idiotic things are special, so what? =\)

Hmm, job hunting is so much like a break up (or heartache or a stomach ache or headache or motions, umm never mind)  
Your mail gets filled with spam while the only person you want to hear from does not bother to reply =|
You call up people and they fix up appointments, you show up before time and then they say they’ll call you back. You end up waiting for calls that never come.
Every time your phone rings you leap towards it and your irritating friend (categorized as the person who likes all your links on FB but you don’t like them one bit) is on the other end, all smiling and happy saying how interesting her office-walas are. You laugh at all their stupid jokes. =| but the call never comes.

 And when it happens you are least prepared for it. Like when a lover calls you, the whole conversation flies off and the phone gets disconnected and then you remember the questions that you had to ask. 

BEAN BAGS are the bestest and the worstest  (yes, YES, I will use words that are non- existent, header nahin dekha =\)  pieces of furniture there are.
picture THIS. you are at bliss, with your ass and back being supported in a way that you could have only imagined; right then, there is need to go to the loo, you come back and sit and the whole feeling is gone. =| (don't blame the bladder, it has the right to get into emergency mode any time)

You just ,only at times, get it right, THAT is some hard work for the laze. =\

TOTALLY in love with the new Vodaphone ads, special things you do to me…amazing ads!!
I couldn’t find the song nor the youtube videos for the same.


Saala google b dhoka de deta hai. =/ (keep prompting i won't change it to upper case =|)

RANDOM TIP: when you know you get horrible pictures of yours, don't stop. you just might surpass yourself, you'll make worse pictures. (don't ask me why this now. bola na random hai)

20 Oct 2010

random conversation

A: मान लूँ दुआ में असर होता है,
    तो आज तुझे खुदा किया...

   ला अब मेरी ख्वाहिश पूरी कर दे,
   खुद कि खुदी से गम को जुदा कर दे!

                   B: हमें खुदा ना केहना, 
                       हम उनके बन्दे भी ना हो सके;

                       बेखुदी में किसी के, खुदा को कुछ ऐसा भुलाया,
                      के ना खुदा की ख़ुशी, ना ही खुद ख़ुशी कर सके. 

13 Oct 2010

the mayhem

Have you ever seen a bridge?
focus on how the whole thing stands up in tension the long strands as if holding up the whole weight.
Amazing how the asphalt shines under the street light almost a silvery sheen to it, when the cars pass over it. The bark of a tree, the brown and black lines on its surface marking those years and months and days…no, even small plants have those lines in the bark, the rough texture, it is beautiful. The whole place is thriving, there is noise and crowd all around you, and the sea, the sea though is calm, silent, the most overwhelming in the crowd.

no don't call me when you walk on the streets, face at the empty asphalt streets.
don't wish i was there when there is a pang you feel, don't look for me when it feels too real.
for it is my time now to crawl walk that mile
my time to fall back, to stop the fight. 
it is my time to stand up, falling on my limbs, to break, to fall, to crawl, to crave.
it is me who will stage the farce, it is me who now leads, who fakes. 
it is my time to shine now
arise for me, you lowly dust, arise as i shine, shine my brightest when i burst out in flames.
every single fucking day i think i will call it quits. every mofo-ing day i lose.
i miss being me.

11 Oct 2010

tel maalish!!

[scene: bad, BAD headache, mom giving me an oil massage. ]

bhavika : [speaking out of nowhere]
mummna, you know how i'll select the guy i want to marry?

mom: how?

bhavika: i'll ask him if he can give me an oil massage. if he says yes, i'll marry him. 

8 Oct 2010

Damn you! you hot voice on the radio.

These people on the radio are real marketing geniuses. AND DAMN YOU! YOU HOT VOICE ON THE RADIO. 

Okay before I get damning him again let’s get a little background on the issue.

While single guys sell their asses and sleep it is the single girls who generally lay awake.
Ditto in my case. 
Yes. I lay awake at night people, am a fighting and surviving and re-fighting insomniac.
There are only a few things that help me go off to sleep, music and books and a nice sugar-coated-honey-dipped-thick-as-a-chocolate-cream-voice

I just need 3 to 4 pages of a book to see me at my snoring and snorting best ( I am an avid reader, but then I love classics only for the fact that they act as sleeping pills for me, and mind you, *love in time of cholera* works wonders for me…P.S. even though I could survive only the first 90 pages of the book, many of my friends think it is a feat! ). 

Music yes, come night when I am ready to fight my way to sleep, with lights off, I need music. I generally have one nice slow number on repeat and before I know, I am asleep.
Last night I thought I’d try the radio. Yes folks that damned radio. It was a Thursday night, a love song night (give me some credit to this I chance discovered it), and boy oh boy they play these amazing tracks and there is something about the tracks being played to you, tracks sound much better when they are actually played to you and add mush to that and add the voice to that!!
Okay, when I like something I have to say it, so I sent in a sms on the show. 
I mentioned the song I wanted to hear and complimented him on the voice.
He called me back! (and no i did not know they call you back when you send in an sms, so imagine the surprise)
And boy oh boy does he have THE voice!! It sounded much better on the phone people ;)

now i am afraid, i'll turn out to be someone like this.
damn you!, you hot voice on the radio.

Anyways, that having said and 3 phone calls later (he was on and off air, he had a job to do) I was drained out of all the sleep that I could have slept. I did finally sleep last night though (phew!) when? I am not sure.
Damn you hot voice, for you completely upturned my belief system, it was music and the sugar-coated-honey-dipped-thick-as-a-chocolate-cream-voice that helped me sleep, and i was awake last night ONLY because of those things.   

and then when i mentioned the incident to a friend, he simply said it would be an automated call back service. 
damn you!  you hot voice on the radio. =|

7 Oct 2010

knowing,thinking, reaffirming.

there are so many things that you learn about yourself. everyday. ever single fucking day.
but then you have to make sure that you know that about yourself, before anyone else does.
but then that is you, live with it.
oh hell.
.live with it.

5 Oct 2010

ek choti si love story

Have you ever looked at the animal kingdom and wondered at the wonder? 

I did ONCE but of late, well, I haven't. 
I confess I am not an animal lover, but then there are many things that I don't like that I have to see, that I see.
Then there are also other things that I like when I see them. Now there is a huge window in my room, from where I can see the moon!! 
(wah wah!!)
(Okay, no, really i see no moon from here)
No, but there is this amazing love story that I am witness to right outside my window almost every single day...

Presenting the:

 Lafanga pigeon and the Chuimui pegion ki prem kahaani!

Now this is what happens:
Lafanga and Chuimui walk across the window sill every day, without fail.
This is their idea of 'dating' as I would say.
She is your typical girl. She knows he is following her, yet she will walk, half run half hop. But no, never fly away.
(Secretly loving ALL the attention she is getting =P)

Lafanga never misses a chance; he follows her…every day.
They just walk from one point to the other and when she gets tired of walking, or maybe when she becomes aware of me staring at them awestruck, she just flies away and our hero follows suit.... 

One day in the life of Lafanga and Chuimui

then there was today when Lafanga did not turn up, she came in as usual...she looked everywhere for him...

just wishing Lafanga turns up this time around... because well:

random conversation : heera---panna ;)

[scene: two people in extreme climate zones talking to each other after a heart to heart session about nothing in particular]

B: hmmm...waise bhi, I should sleep, a pretty and talented girl like me does not need to cry over anything...

A: sahi kaha'
ekdum, "heera ho heera"

B: hmmm....

----after 5 minutes----

B: nahin yaar, panna hun....heera to Dev Anand hain!!

humming: panna ki tamanna hai ke, he(e)era(aa) use mil ja(aaaaa)e(aeaeae)....

4 Oct 2010

the day is registered as the day when i perfected the art of saying FUCK YOU loud and clear to myself.

...lay close...

lay close to me for it is only us tonight...
lay calm for it is just tonight.
lay hushed for it is not 'real' tonight;
 lay with me, for it is life tonight.

got THIS link from Zave's blog. 

P.S. for people addicted to romance.

i am laughing my bloody guts out.
i am laughing unashamedly;

you hear me laughing?
laugh with me.

laugh me off.
laugh at me.


have you ever tried saying WHOA aloud?
try it.
a face looks like exactly like the printed word . 

have you ever tried faking a smile?
try it.
 i really have no idea how a face looks then, the world suddenly turns blurry.