16 Jul 2009


Green and orange in the yellow maggi in a black frying pan.

The green grass all around the grey runway[the view outside my balcony]

A professional all dressed up sharing the same table with a street vendor.

A mother holding her child’s hands en-route to school as the auto driver takes a sharp turn.

A young guy looking all tense, half -running-half walking; while an old man follows with books in his hands smiling.

The house on my way to office with a beautiful mural of pebbles and masks .

A guy standing on one side of the road, leaning on the lamp-post and looking at a girl on the other side struggling with the n number of things in her hand.
He smiles.

I smile. :)

15 Jul 2009

i remember

वो सर्द रातें याद हैं;
इन आंखों को तेरा इंतज़ार याद है.
नींद लुक्का चुप्पी खेलती;
सपनो में वो धुंधलाता चेहरा याद है.
तेरी तस्वीर से सौ बातें करती आँखें;
पर तुझसे कुछ कहने का डर , और वो होंटों का थरथराना याद है.

छुपा छुपा कर तुम्हे देखना याद है,
और तुम्हे देझते ही शर्म से लाल हो जन याद है.
तेरी नज़रों के छुते ही इस बदन का सज जन याद है;
और इस लाली को छुपाने की सौ कोशिशें करना याद है.

हर अल्फाज़ को नकारने के बाद;
उसी बात को हज़रून बार दोहराना याद है.
तुमसे दांत खाना याद है, तुम्हारे सामने रोना याद है.
गीली आंखों से तुम्हारा चेहरा देखना याद है;
उस चेहरे को चुने की कोशिश करते,
उस चेहरे की याद में वो गीले तकिये पे कटी रातें याद हैं.

हाँ वो तेरा इंतज़ार याद है.
वो मेरा पहला प्यार याद है.

Your eyes

“I look around.
I see you looking at me.
Intent. Convinced. Brazen.
I look away.
You keep looking.
Your gaze fixed.
Fixed intently, so much so, as if you’re looking right through me.
Like my being wasn’t of consequence.
You’ve overpowered me.
My life is yours.
My soul is yours.

“jis tan ko chua tune us tan ko chupaun;
Jis man ko lage naina wo kisko dikhaun”

I don’t have to say the words.
You say them for me.
My sentences completed even before I have to utter them.
I am satisfied even before my desires take shape.
You strip me naked;
Exposing my wants; my desires; out in the open.
Yes out in the open.
Without having anyone else notice them.
No- one else has the right to scrutinize me.
I’m yours.
You hunt my shame down killing it.
Asking me questions I can’t help but answer.
I lie.
I lie, wanting to tell the truth.
But, I know that you know.
I know that you understand.
The questions weren’t asked for the answers;
They were for you to catch the glimpse of my eyes battling your gaze.
Yes, I know you know it all.

“I’m on fire when you’re near me.
I’m on fire when you speak,
I’m on fire; burning up at these mysteries.”


4 Jul 2009

coffee spills!!!

I woke up late
Climbed up the step,
Smelly shit hole,
God make me sane!

Rubbed my eyes..
Foamed my teeth.
( I know it’s a crazy line…
…so crazy me! )

Office pahunche.
Vinobhaa is late.
Comes up to me says:
“ how are you mate?”

I’m good I declare.
Gawd!! Hungry already!!
It still aint time I say.

I look out of the window.
Aw, the weather is nice.
Rakesh is absent…
…he called me thrice.

Chaiwala comes !!
With delicate coffee’s delight.
I take a sip.
The brew is nice.

I look at my desk.
What’s on it; I inquisitively see.
My hand hits the cup,
And thus the coffee spills!!

Coffee spills!! Coffee spills!!
On desk, on lappie, on me;
Coffee spills!! Coffee spills!!
See Vinobhaa laughing with glee.

alright it is all stupidity.
not to be taken seriously.

this is bhavika chauhan on a nursery rhyme mode.

2 Jul 2009

“I look over your shoulders, out of the window…
I see raindrops!
Do you see them?”
Aye, comes the answer…

I see raindrops from a source so sweet.
When I kiss your hand, on your cheeks they drip.
Out they come from vessels that hold secrets deep.
Aye! I see raindrops sweeter than these.

written on july 1st.
was getting bored in office, and it started raining.
i saw raindrops right ouside my window!!

1 Jul 2009

Why am I denying you?
Every single day I fight with myself.
sometimes to find my love that is there but is in such a tucked away-locked away corner of my heart that I can't find it.
and sometimes all of a sudden. without notice it is right on ky face....and i can't look away. those days i have to fight with myself to not not-deny you.
I know it is stupid. but I know the ramification of it. I know the baggage that comes with it. All the after-effects. I don’t want to be with you and repent.
But there are these blatant moments when I am without you and repent....
…no point…
I guess I should be back to work.