22 Jun 2007


The world comes crashing down.
I feel no pain.
Am I on dope or in a deep slumber?
Expediency has brought me to waste.
Have been torn and ripped apart;
A million stabs on my back.
All this without the convenience of a gash.
Blood clots and cakes, invisible by the makeup.
Pushed into a place I don’t belong.
Am I on dope or in a deep slumber?
Waiting for the fall to overwhelm me.


An elephant, its trunk sucking in air.
An airplane and the merry-go-round of the fair.
I see Zeus’s throne and yes the Himalayas, the abode of Shiva all in shades of blue. Every shade thinkable. The deepest of the blue; turquoise blue; the blue of the seas and yeah the blue of the sky…

…I had clouds visiting me this evening.
Clouds all around all shapes and sizes,

Stratus came in first. Feathery and light…
Spread over the sky…a lovely drizzle came about, cool water; purifying.
Over the mountains came over the mighty cumulus overpowering the stratus which finally bade me farewell…the cumulus thundered like a villain in the middle of a movie right before the intermission…
…Then there was the wind…cumulus tried to fight and put on a brave face but they had to change their mind and well started moving westwards…
The sky cleared and the cirrus came in with the winds’ consent.
It was that time of the evening again. The sun was parting and at that time that part of the sky was scarlet whereas east was a luminous blue.
The sky slowly draped itself in the darkest indigo and brought in the night.
Tiny little stars popped out in the sky and I said bye with a smile with the crescent of the moon beaming back at me.