6 Feb 2013


Will doodling help? Maybe it will. Maybe not, I’ll draw some pictures for you. At least I can try.

It was something to be around him, to be his. Bliss? She knew she was home when she lay on his shoulder playing with that one lone strand of hair on his left arm. 

‘You snore!’ He complained every morning and then he’d embrace her and whisper quietly in her ears, ‘but you still are the cutest’.

They fought every night. They made love every morning. Bodies always found each other; translating the love that their minds weighed down upon. This was not going to last, it was obvious, a death knell could be heard softly just before the road turned; but they clung onto that last strand of laughter, that last meal together, that last walk by the beach, that last hug.

“You know I am working and then suddenly this need gets hold of me, I feel uneasy as if a certain part of me is missing, as if I am suddenly empty…I take a deep breath, feel my sweaty hands and realize I am longing for you…I miss you”