The world comes crashing down.
I feel no pain.
Am I on dope or in a deep slumber?
Expediency has brought me to waste.
Have been torn and ripped apart;
A million stabs on my back.
All this without the convenience of a gash.
Blood clots and cakes, invisible by the makeup.
Pushed into a place I don’t belong.
Am I on dope or in a deep slumber?
Waiting for the fall to overwhelm me.


  1. its pretty much similar to what im feeling here right many back stabd without the comfortof a gash...nothing flows out jus kills u within...and on the outside u find everything normal and u dont know whats the reason for the numbness....i wrote a poem on it loooong bac..dunno if i showed it...anyays..nice one...

  2. aap to mahaan hai Haasini ji


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