25 Nov 2010

realizations:potty thoughts.

realization 1: if you want to do something, say it. 
                    if you really want to do something, don't.

...chances are when you hear yourself/read yourself saying it, you won't do it. 

realization 2: sometimes the best way to stay is to leave. 
because after a certain time,if you around, you are just someone who is around


  1. WELL, TOO DEEP, READ TWICE TO GET IT.. n yes, i'd rather say that i leave now ;)

  2. lessons of life! :) Love the second one.. !!

  3. Hi NAYK,
    Wow...so much wisdom on a pretty head...
    Hmm...sits very prettily!
    I loved both the quotes...very quotable!

  4. That is why I don't say things I would REALLY mean. But with some people, I can't help it.

    Regarding the second one, some times people make us stay, somtimes, they would like us to stay. Sometimes, we are not just anyone they know. We are, a certain someone, they know.

  5. you realisations make me realise things..the best way to stay is to leave..how true !

  6. @Jane: there should a warning sign for people visiting my blog to carry life jackets =P
    (*too deep* get the connection; i think i can be funny)

    @Wildflower: isn't it? they say the best discoveries/ideas/realizations have their seed in the toilet/bathroom/loo. =P

  7. @Suruchi: and this reaffirms our love for one-liners. quote away,naam to yaad rahega na ;)

  8. @ Babaji the blog post has to be read in conjunction to your comment. Now the thoughts are complete =)

    @Lehari and this is called a job well done, *pats her own back* =D

  9. Deep good thoughts. < Fin >

    Disgruntled Genius has left the building ...

  10. @DISGRUNTLED GENIUS: since you could leave, the thoughts weren't deep enough for you to drown. =P

  11. i dont know how deep, really:P but I am afraid, potty is one place, where neither of your realizations would work, don't you think?

  12. LOL! it is THE place where it wont work. see even realizations come to me, when i can make the least use of them =|