Who's gonna drive you home tonight?

Who do you call when you have no one else to go to?

When you are looking, feeling like shit and need to cry your lungs out?

Who do you call when you want to get real?

You just know don’t you?

And yes he is there. Right there standing to hold you tight, so tight that it hurts when he holds, so that the hurt goes away.

 He is not someone you love; he is the person who is the witness.

The witness to your pitfalls, the witness to how you threw up when you got drunk, and the person who knows just how your nose gets all choked when you cry and who just knows how easy it is to make you smile when you your eyes burn with all the crying.

He is not someone you love.

He is someone who has been there always. Someone who has known you for real
He is with someone else. He is happy with her. You are not jealous.
 You tell him about all other men, he does not get jealous.

You don’t love him. But, he is the only place you go to when you have nowhere else to go to.
You don’t love him, but he is the only place you think of when you awake through the night and you can’t sleep and you want to.

He is not someone you love. But he is the only place you go to, the only place you remember to find when you are lost.



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