6 Aug 2011

*Ek lamhe ko to ruke; wo bhi nahin, hum bhi nahi..*

It is weird ain't it? The head tries vehemently, furiously to erase things, replace the old...to replace the supposedly good with evil sometimes because 'it was', because it is not 'now'. 
The hand. 
The hand holds onto everything, everything that is within grasping reach...Trying to feed the mind with 'new'.

The heart admist the chaos, even within itself somehow manages to keep 
that one door locked, away from anyone's reach...

...Even yours because you are locked in it...


  1. and u in the midst of it try to stand up and walk realizing you are only gonna fall again and have to repeat.

  2. Insanity,

    Read two posts now. Looking forward to next part of letter. It is true that one should not be so sweet that people swallow or that bitter that people spit out. This one shows how our mind, heart and wish at times plays in contradictory ways. So true.

    Take care