6 Oct 2011

of goats and sheeps and wolves.

step 1: make a mistake.
step 2: find a scapegoat.

its effing gruesome being a junior especially when you are a senior to some juniors who are also juniors to your seniors who dont mind displaying their seniority in front of your juniors and do not bother to share the blame when their senior (who is your super-senior) uses you as the punchbag.

...behti ganga me to bhaiya har koi haath dhota hai...

so if you are a scapegoat go get a life.
if you are on a scapegoat lookout get your a** off here. 


  1. :) It amazes me how blogosphere has a mood each day...Today many people had the super fuckery going on!

    I do not like playing blame games..but people did try putting blames on me many a times! Sucks!!


  2. Bummer, huh?
    Such is life... :/

  3. Vagabond,

    Too many of such spineless persons to shift blame for their follies, isn't it?

    Take care

  4. reached here randomly. Loved your posts. Been a scapegoat quite a few times and it hurts! Now I give it back like it is- and that feels good :)