Every day. 

I walk with measured steps. Measuring and counting and timing my steps. To make sure I don’t walk too far away, to ensure that I walk just enough, just enough to make sure that I seem to be moving, but then not too far away to seem to have left. I walk the same road every day; stop at the same places, the places where it will be difficult to go unnoticed. Every day I seem to be just the same amount of desperate, the same amount of moronic and the same amount of incorrigible. But I make sure I am different enough to not look too repetitive.  I reiterate feelings; I reboot life after each night’s denial. Every day, I walk taking measured steps. Every day.

Every day, unnoticed, unwanted. Everyday unnerving, morose. Every day.

Every night is the same night, everyday there is a new morning.

Every day. 


  1. everyday i make a choice, just enough to make me feel alive. everyday i regret my choice, just enough to not let me die.

    first time at ur blog...and looks like i m here to stay :)

  2. I have read you, I thought you stopped writing.
    you gave my post a last line. glad.

  3. how would it be if the fishes in the aquarium write 'dear diary,..."
    true! true!
    I like the creativity here..

  4. aren't you the creative one here, you just gave it a totally new perspective.

  5. if only he walked the same road, u could have stolen a peek.

  6. he does, and I only steal peeks. lifeisabitch.

  7. aye. till you keep stealing peek-a-boos, u will never ever want to move on to anything or anyone else.

    but without those peeks, you would rather not move on. its pitiable. what emotion makes of a person.


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