14 Jun 2012


...cant take my mind off you…till I find somebody new.


Oh look there is the chameleon again. Hops from one tree to the next, wears a blue today a gree tomorrow…no wait there was a red and a yellow in between as well.
He takes the same routes, follows the same channels. Learns new tricks everyday…stings you today…yes you, and you there on the left wait till he stings you tomorrow..

Did you see the chameleon hop? He is coming right behind you, he will sit right besides you. 
the moment you turn he will hop out, leaving you behind...he will hop out leaving without you.


Ek din ka rishta tha,
Ek pal ka sath,
Is lambi zindagi me bhoolna…
..tujhe bhoolna bas ek lamhe ki baat.



"Did I say I loathe you, Did I say I want to leave it all behind?"

fuck you.


  1. exactly..new is needed to start a whole new fancy cycle...only this time we will know right at the start that it is going to crash someday...that it is like a gift wrapped alloy and as the wheels start grinding, the paper peels off revealing things you wouldn't want to see.