2 Aug 2012

Love is blind.

...and She said that love was blind.
She left her home travelled into another country. people with darker skins, a darker mind. weird language and weirder thoughts. 
She didn't think about anything, She just followed him.

Mohabbat honi chahie thi, jung ladni thi...dil jalne chahie the. jeet honi chahie thi.
mohabbat hi nahin hui bas; bas jung hi ladte reh gae.
khud se, tujhse...is-se us-se...sirf jung hi ladi.
yaar mohabbat honi chahie thi...

pyar hua, par wo ishq wali baat nahin thi. jung ladne ki koshish bhi ki to sali aadhe dil se ki, pura dil lagana chahe bhi to kya? kabhi usne nakaar dia kabhi dil ne use nakaar dia.
 pyar pe, pyar ke nagme likhe...pyar me pyar ke nagme pyar wali baarish me bheegte gaae...
par wo ishq me bheege dil wali baat hi nahin thi...sukha sukha sa hi hai sab bas...
mohabbat honi chahie thi re. sachi.

'did you plan all this?
She smiles and says, 'Love is blind!'



  1. As I moved my mouse to this place which opens the tab to post comments, the link asks one thing of me... "No Comments!"

    AND I'll oblige.


  2. Vagabond,

    Very nice composition.

    Take care

  3. Wow, nobody scratches humble words to create such depths as you do and waise bhi Hinid mein jab aap likhte hain to kamaal likhte hain :-)

    I absolutely loved this one-tells how we love and why we still crave for it :-)

  4. Very nicely written!

  5. log hardam kehte rahe ki pyaar me kuch baat hai,
    wo pyaar ki pyari baato ke peeche pyaar na dhoond payi thi,
    aur sochi, saali mohabbat honi chahiye thi!

    beautifully penned

    1. :) thanks! When are you going to start writing again?