The opposite of Zen.

Only if we start eradicating/castrating/eliminating duffers from our personal space can it be possible to get the morons up there off our faces. Effing channels beam Big Boss and the entire family watches that, Aaj Tak and other news channels decorate moronic stories and come up with 45 minutes long super-stupid *news special*. Feels like they are invading our personal space and shitting on us.
Fucking morons. Effing sickening morons.


  1. Vagabond,

    I agree with you about some TV channels taking all viewers as stupid.

    Take care

  2. the thing that makes them sickening is you can't get rid of them..if u found a way, please tell me too..

  3. I feel one should cuss more.

  4. Vagabond,

    Hope all is well as no new post for more than three months.

    Take care


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