7 Jul 2013

I am no non-believer

There are our ‘gods’ naked, sitting/standing in filth. That is how we worship our ‘gods’. We upholster their names on crossroads making seemingly unnoticed roads have over the top names that no one uses. This is how we insult our ‘gods’. We worship our ‘gods’. We fight over our right to call them our own, we own our ‘gods’. Rising up at the smallest opportunity to accredit something smaller to our ‘gods’, this is how we remember our ‘gods’. Ill insult your ‘god’ to make my ‘god’ look mighty. This is how we abuse our ‘gods’. 

I have given up on your ‘gods’ and to keep him safe, I have given up on my God.


  1. I made friends with God to know that he does not care much, and just to show that he doesn't care what images we conjure of him, he keeps taking down many of them from time to time, through man-made actions or natural calamity.


  2. If you give up on a God, do so because you don't feel him not because people insult him. He is a god. he can take it. or rather so we would hope.

  3. In the end, it is just ego, driving everything :)

  4. Lately, I had been fighting with someone over my practices and for no reason, I had been thinking of my religion to be more superior.

    Ill insult your ‘god’ to make my ‘god’ look mighty. This is how we abuse our ‘gods’.

    This made me get filled with shame.

    Thanks for this :)