17 Jul 2007

pass me a little salt :|

What is that blot on paper?
A neat handwriting revealing to you the deepest secrets the world could hold and just on that line when the hypothesis turns to fact there you have an ink blot. A tiny one, true, but a significant one nevertheless.
The food served is exceptional, presented right, but that little less salt ruins the main course.
One has the fantabulous dessert in the offering after a sumptuous meal but that one spice that you craved for is missing.
You get felt all over but the wink is that is missing.
Those moments when you crave for the attention you are carelessly walked over.
And when u could handle any thing under the sun you get the rock to pester you.
…….yeah can you just pass me a little salt?


  1. very good observation.how smal and silly things spoil our hpappiness..how a small stain can spoil a ssatin sheet.,.how a spelling mistake can steal the magic of poetry...sometimes magic is so mysterious..u never know when it comes and why it disappears....kool..

  2. hey!! me at home, so gettin to chk out ur blog..
    at col blogging s blocked! only i can access my dashboard!
    well.thanks for ur comment..

    N for dis one...so very well imagined!
    Its d tiniest bit..dat makes up or brings down a mood,taste,look..evthing..
    well written!!

  3. acha he bahut.. I can say it is definitely derived from very recent experiences..
    yeah its often a very minute thing that we feel the lack of..the preempts a thing being complete..
    but I feel their absence is for a reason too.. u gotto find that :)
    and lots of things hidden, I feel, behind the simple drape of poetry..