11 Sep 2009

dn't forget to flush.

"Intelligence is a natural phenomenon -- just as breathing is, just as seeing is. Intelligence is the inner seeing; it is intuitive. It has nothing to do with intellect. Never confuse intellect with intelligence,"

In the first reading the above line made a lot of sense like some rigorously inspiring thought.
The second reading i was a bit confused.
And by the third reading i was convinced this was nothing but crap...the skill of putting together words skillfully to makes them sound intelligent.
OK i am doing the same thing. have been doing it for a while and will continue doing it. for sure.
But why do we do it?
Life is so utterly uninspiring and boring and mundane that to add up a little spice to all the utterly non-sensible things we do...or the complete absence of any thrill in our lives we use words to beautify the most insignificant things.

Like for what is my passion i answered..."passionately pursuit of passions that I haven’t realized...passion passionately eludes me".

That was crap.

pursuit of passions that I haven’t realized???? gimme a break.

Or is it that we have become this increasingly f@#$ed up- dumb assed-couch potatoes that we don't want to actually go out and do anything. big or small. But rather sit and talk, blog or retrospect about the different ways we get screwed up every day. There was this age of drawing room politics at least it had a human touch back then. this age is the age of blog-politics. it no longer is a dialogue now has manifested into a monologue...where to from here?

A numerologist suggests Athena in the 'witch of Portobello' (-Paulo Coelho) that she take up studies like computing and engineering because that job profile doesn't involve human interactions. and engineers and computer professionals have maxed out today..is that the reason?

The song that perfectly describes and defines 'today', 'the days of our lives' (: p) is : 'ticky tacky little boxes'

All said and done more than being a way to direct our creative energies talking and discussing today has become shitting, puking, pissing thoughts. However filthy that might be. It is just human, biological and very necessary. and i continue doin it.

as a friend points out. "mujhe pata hai k kya panga hai...but panga hai"

dn't forget to flush.

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