random conversation: ass you like it. =P

prelude: A very cheeky midnight conversation that turned into a lot of name calling. (read koala bear/guinea pig). A very cheeky morning sms sparks off the following conversation.

N.B.: cheeky morning sms: "emotional lines by a desperate lover....I want her back =( and I want her front too =( "

Bored 1: ass-ome lines.

Bored 2: ass-tounding is more like it. =P

B1: hmm...ad-(d)-vice for ass-piring despos...

B2:  that is your ass-umption.

B1: haha....ass-ential guide to despo-dom...

B2: ass you say!


ass-entially the post ass-pires to be funny but fails.
bite me.

image:  HERE


  1. another victim of the "ulta-smiley" vice/ =(
    et tu, Brute?

  2. why do i sniff some similarity here to another awesome person i may know besides the blog writer here...okay, now i remember-may be coz i got the same awesome message this morning;-)

    it is kick ass:-)

  3. kudos to your sniffing ability Suruchi I must say you arn't just a brilliant writer =P

    the sentence meant that I am awesome right?


  4. The name of a certain Vagabond honors this corruption (of using smileys itself),
    And chastisement doth therefore hide its head.

  5. Not funny. Witty. A(i)ss(i) post .. Ass-toundin ;)


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