13 Sep 2011


So your first language is your mother tongue?

What is the first language you choose to ask a question to another person when you travel in the first class?


Yes, I write in English, I think in English and the language I am most comfortable in is English, no doubt, but when I have to ask what station I am on, I will ask the question in Hindi, it is just how it is. 

This lady in the train was reading a ‘gruhashobha’,  was wearing a purple lipstick, with gaudy eye makeup. I was trying to figure her out, she then turns around and with a thick Bihari accented English asks me what station it was and I was flabbergasted.

I couldn’t speak. She assumed I didn’t know the language. 

She got off anyways.

I am too shallow. meh!


  1. You worry too much about the depth. Mumbai floods, and so does Delhi in monsoons, we'll all be knee deep in waters someday, no one would care if water runs shallow or deep, we'll all have to learn to swim eventually.

    Shallow? What about the lady with the accent and the makeup. Naam bade aur darshan chotte?

  2. was it like "Bhich stasoun izz thizz"?

  3. @BJ yes somewhat =D
    good to have you back =)

  4. haha...poor woman-you and she:-)

  5. Insanity,

    Factual false facades.

    Take care