27 Sep 2011

long nights - 2

I got off the train and from the other door to the same compartment got off another girl, almost my age.
He was standing there, he took her luggage first and then took her hand into his and broke into a smile. She beamed back at him...they walked in front of me hand in hand telling each other stories of how much they missed each other, how much she missed him was evident from the fact that she could not take her hands off his back...
I suddenly remembered she had asked me what the next stop was. She had been waiting on the door for more than 30 minutes...it was worth the wait. Sure was.

I took a taxi and headed back home. 


  1. In this noisy world we all look for our perfect moment of silence..she got her moment wen she saw him.sure was worth the wait...:)

  2. Its moments like these, that wipe off the mask of cynicism and hopelessness ! Kind of awakens the possibility that some good does happen in the world.

  3. Sigh!
    I choke much when I see the love so much!...

    There is a hidden pain the post, a desire somewhere and very nicely written...

    Chintu Singh

  4. ditto! From the first time I have seen this happen, my feelings have moved on from plain jealousy, to despair and now hopefully to indifference.

  5. Vagabond,

    Some persons have all the luck.

    Take care

  6. Ankur the moments like these are very fragile. one may see what one wants to, like Chintu Singh said she chokes, I do too...sometimes they are nothing but theatrics to perfection. but this one was special.

    and Chintu there is always a sigh, always.

  7. wildflower indifference is a hard thing to fake/sustain ain't it?

    Jack yes they do, don't they?