29 Nov 2011


Go away.

Before I can even muster a whimper, go away.
Before my sighs turn into sobs, go away.
Go away before dusk settles into the imminent night when I would want you to sit next to me, indulging in star gazing.
Leave alright; leave before I can settle in you, comfortably, before you settle in my heart, mind, soul. Leave, turn around and leave. Walk away like you did tonight, walk away like you will when I strip my soul naked in front of you.
Leave before, I confess, leave before I reveal.
Leave before the plastic wears out, the real sinks in, leave. Leave before my desire becomes my need, go away before I become too much.
Walk out on me, for that I can handle.
Walk out, for that is what you will eventually do.



  1. I have felt this for so long.....and they eventually do leave.

  2. Instantly fell in love with your site and I am not leaving.Must remember to thank Chintan -the blunt blogger for the recommendation.

  3. Felt this many times..
    Great blog!
    Regards from Norway

  4. crisp and real.. magnetic..loved it

  5. Featured you here <3 https://www.facebook.com/BlogsIrecommend

  6. @All thanks for the visit.

    the blunt blogger no wonder there is a surge of traffic here. thanks for the honour. :)

  7. OMG! this is so beautiful, actually no..i dont know how to define it in my words..short yet has left an impact.
    M definitely not leaving without following u :)