1 May 2014

Falling slowly

Killed myself. Died when I broke the promise I made to myself.

He was right. All my life I will be just OK. He cursed me.

No I am just blaming him and him. He doesn't need to be sensitive. I need to stand up and fight for myself. I need to walk out of the mess that I have made of myself, to be myself again.

...Moods that take me and erase me and I am painted black...


  1. Don't we all go through this?
    Pull yourself up and do whatever you need to, to survive and achieve more.....

  2. i will agree with chintan here. but if u can't, let go, go die. either way, man up. fight for whats it worth or dont fight at all and let it consume you. that way, u either live or you dont.

  3. Aaye hain samjhaane log, kitne deewane log!


  4. thanks for visiting you guys.