20 Nov 2014

lost and found and lost

I thought someday I will find you. Somehow. Even as I was leaving. 
There wasn't a fixed plan, nor a fixed time. It was always a time in future. But in time, I knew I will find you.

Someday in an overpriced coffee house that stores a guitar on that noisy street; there where you would order a doughnut complain how pricey it is, pick up the guitar and start plucking it. No, you wouldn't play, will be beneath you to play with ‘the mood’. Well maybe not that grand, but I thought someday I will find you.

Or maybe, someday on the street, when the traffic stopped, at the signal? It does sound cliché doesn't it? But you liked clichés you believed in them. The typical Bollywood you, minus the hypocrisy. Yes, someday when that signal turns red on me, I thought I will look on my left and there you would be on your shiny black horse. Horse? Yeah, it was nothing less than a horse. Yes, someday I thought I will find you.

But you are lost, it has been a long time. I should have found you already, before I lost all of me. 

Shouldn't I have? Why are you elusive?
I should have found you already. I should have found you so that you could find me in return.

Meri nayya paar lagane. 


  1. I don't know if the last comment came so lemme rephrase. Save yourself lady, start looking for yourself. If you can't find you, how will you ever know you have found him?

  2. I don't know what you are searching for, I just hope you find it. But, it is not here.