18 Dec 2014

*will the real slim shady please stand up*

Okay, so i have been to a couple of couples to their annulments of their love 'affairs' (strange affairs) by getting married to each other. I tried to be happy for them but was difficult, the impending 'life' that awaits them when they'd have to live with each other, wake up calls to breakfast through the afternoon stroll phone calls till the dinner. 

Marital happiness is highly over-rated if you ask me. Worse still if you have the perfect 'partner'. By 'perfect' i mean 'worldly perfect'. When you know there are a dozen women/men your spouse can keep/make happy but you are just you.
More like the pair of 'perfect parents' who have been there, not too pushy - but, not setting up boundaries - but. You know what I mean right?

Perfect marriages are like Santa Clause, just like perfect bosses are. Out there somewhere, maybe, but just no one in your fictional chimney. 

The other thing I would like to ask is how long and how many times does the haircut therapy work? 
My hairdresser on my recent visit to the salon was devastated to have to cut my 'long' tresses. I told him, it is just hair it will grow back;

 -hair now, gone again-  


  1. Perfect marriages are like Santa Clause

    Really, someone should explicitly state those clauses.

    *Marriage investments are subject to worldly risks, please read the offer document carefully before investing.*

    As for hair therapy, how do you help a receding hairline? :P

    1. haha! well, everyone knows, everyone still gets married and complains =P

      receding hairline? man you are doomed! there is only so much you can do when bald.
      though my feeling is it will suit you (complete baldness, not the partial kinds)

    2. *nervousness breakdown impending doom*

      I'm just joking, I got this :D

  2. Marital Happiness is extremely over rated.The moment your enter it the love you thought you had and were hoping for it to grow is done with. The moment you sit in front of that fire, get up on the altar and invite other people into your dynamics love as you knew becomes history. Might be better, might be worse, might be different, but definitely not the same.

    1. I guess it is a likeness of love after the marriage for me, so I cannot really say I get what you are saying. I would agree with the fact though, that he has changed the 'meaning' of love for me. The masochist in me does not like it, but I guess a little balancing out helps =).
      Thanks for visiting =)

    2. And also it changes you, in ways you cannot point your fingers at, but there is a change. Not good all the time but well, change definitely. That is also what you are trying to say no?