7 Oct 2009


saw wake up sid yesternight.
it was beautiful.
i hate the histronics of ranvir kapoor.
konkana sen sharma is too bland for my tastes.

the movie is full of moments.

ones i remember are..

1. the scene where aisha drops a tear..sid for the first tiem saw her cry..she was teh rock for him and he was taken aback..was confused what to do or say.

2. when aisha is pissed that she cannot live up to kabir's expectations..or vice versa..rather blurts it out on sid who makes life perfect for her..she is pissed because it is perfect..because she has nothing to complain about.

3.when aisha walks around the city..alone..free.

4. when sid rushes out with the pan in his hand to show the girls that he fianlly made a perfect 'anda'.

5. the faith chance acquaintance brought on sid that he went to aisha's place directly for a room to stay..and she let him..life and the chance acquaintances are wierd.

6. the flat!!
the office!!
the boss!!! :P


  1. =) yeah...i loved the tshirt which said...joe-cool !

    n iktara...amit trivedi has done it again...!

  2. as far as momnts r concrnd....1 more in additn 4 me....its d 1 wer sid makes a cake 4 aisha on her b'day...
    gud movie...gr8 music adds 2 its pleasantness....

  3. agreed :)
    missed on tht one...thnks for adding..