entry for 3WW CCVII

He nudged me, called out my name.
I think I should have hastened my gait;
For He says now, love needs to ripen and until then, life needs to wait.  


my first entry for THIS website


  1. And I believe that its moving ahead in life that causes the flower called Love to bloom

  2. First, thanks for joining the community. There's a lot to like in this, with it being so simple, but so well done.

  3. Great job with the emotions you worked into such a small piece. Welcome to 3WW!

  4. I believe we need to keep on sailing in this journey, love is just a phase, there's more to it other than what we right now know. :)

    Few words, beautiful meaning....

  5. Yes, life has to wait.. it always has to.. and it does in the end.. well said..and well written..too

  6. thanks Deborah =)

    no Ramesh Sir i dont agree. i don't agree with the fact that my life has to wait for love to ripen ill ripe along with it, flow with it...
    thanks again.

  7. .. loved it...superbly dne..

  8. I read your poem then read the comments. Then I returned to the poem and it reads on second reading just like a soul waiting to be born and would have been had she hurried, but now she has to wait for the opportunity to come into being, has to wait for a love to ripen here and make room for her. That's a little unsettling.

  9. Slow and steady to mature or you could stumble and trip..Nice words for the prompt.

  10. thanks for all the comments. it is very encouraging.


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