23 Sep 2010

*can i have a little background noise please*

OK now...silence!

Now THIS blog post here is all about me and things that i am sitting with right now. This is MY den, the part of the house that is my territory and I rule it (and can say that out loud to mom =P). 
Some time ago, I read THIS  thought-provoking post in Suruchi's blog and thought lets do something about it. (and yes I am STILL all VELLA ).
So I did a little clicking, a little Photoshop-ing and HERE I AM. 

I don't sleep alone at night i have bed mates =D
the one in yellow is one hell of a hugger....though i end up spooning him in the dead of the night instead of it being the other way round =P

 life is completely - incomplete without a (soul) mate.
(though technically he/she/it does not have a soul i can so easily manipulate it to make it think the way i do, or am i manipulating myself?? ummmm.....aarrrggghhh)


subah hoti hai to janab smirk karte hue good morning bolte hain and chatterbox sahi wale gaane bajata hai.....but then as the day progress i hear a lot of *dil mera hit hit....soniye* and *munni badnaam hui....* (though mom likes the second track...that calls for a complete new post ... later)
i let it slide...( like i have a choice =| )

pop-atts are my favorite kind of birds and since i have a zero-pet policy i don't have (will never have) the real deal.
 but i can have as many replicas as i want! i love them all green and happy =D

THIS is my source of light that is often challenged by the umpteen number (=|)  of wet clothes mom puts up to dry
 ( the banes of living in an apartment that has no private terrace...another blog post again)

and THIS is me =D

( YES, that is a fav t-shirt that has not had holes in it, yet, and my favourite T-shirt policy is that it has to have so many holes that mom secretly dumps it. For all t-shirt lovers know that a t-shirt only gets better with time and with the number of tiny tiny holes it manages to have.)

realization (completely unrelated) : i LOVE Daler (paaji) Mehendi songs!!! =P


  1. Cute post..!!
    Glad to know so much bout you...Loved all the soft toys :)

  2. now this is what you should write about :) Happy-happy post!!!

  3. oh di ..!
    i want to cum to mumbai nw..!

  4. Hahaha
    ek do haajmola hume bhi de do, chatkaara lagana hai.
    and I really like that desktop wallpaper, I kinda have these feelings of blasting the department building myself. It shall be sooo sadistically satisfying...

    And I stopped listening to paaji when Vividh Bharti played his Rang De Basanti after every half hour for don't know how many weeks.

  5. thanks a ton Pavitra! long time since i last saw you here! i thought you had lost track =P

    *points finger at wildflower*
    now this is what you should write about :) Happy-happy post!!! =P

    Lehra beta waititng for you to come =D

    Anshul address batao courier karti hun =P

  6. :):):).. finally miss chouhan a happy happy post.....very cute ya..(Ur post n soft toys)..

  7. :):).... joh hai usko kehene ki zarurat nehi hoti mohtarrma...

  8. ....:):):).. luv u too... aise happy happy post kiya karo.. fir hum tumhare naam " HAPPY CHOUHAN".. rakha karenge..

  9. mera address jaan ke kya karoge aap? yahaan to agar padosi bhi kuch khaane ka send kare to delivery fail ho jaati hai.

  10. loved the pop-atts :) hehe
    now u have someone u can relate to :P

    its not long that i will be there and pull those parrots till they say your name aloud :P till then keep them around and happy :)

    lolzz, amaru radio haji wagde che :-D mastttt

    i havnt watchd dabaang yet :( :( :(

  11. @somu di: nahin *HAPPY SINGH* ye zyada better hai =P

    @BA hehehhehe!!

    @bHUPI: haan be...tu aaw to pela....dabangg joje b nai mummy tane wapas lei jase =P

  12. wow..this is shoooooo huge n u are soo adorable to take me seriously n that is one hell of a sexy pic..n this post is a cute funny journey into knowing you...

    you are fab, girl..stay the same:-)

  13. I am glad you could finally make it =P

  14. A happy princess in her cool den .. Aise hi raha karo. Mast hai .