27 Mar 2011


I love to lose myself in other men's minds.... Books think for me.  ~Charles Lamb

I want a huge room overcrowded with books. I want to live in the library. I have a bookshelf at home that is in one word minimal. I want to live amongst the books, smell them, and look at yellow pages. I want to open up plastic covers from new books off the press, but more than that I want tiny notes made on a book, smart lines underlined by people who have read them. I have not read enough. Not because I never had the time; But more so because there are too many books, yet never enough. I want a piece of each book. I want to read a line from each book that I have. The story is not as engrossing as the words. The small words that make amazingly crafted phrases. 5 worded wonders that make or break a story; just like that last line in Black Swan that justified the entire movie.  I am bad with grammar, I am bad with spellings, but I know a line and its entailments when I read one. I can’t get enough of the writ. I can’t get enough of writing. I can’t get enough of reading.
I’ll change jobs. I’ll work at a bookstore. I’ll be a bookshop owner or a librarian in a few years. 

To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you, and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations - such is a pleasure beyond compare.  ~Kenko Yoshida



  1. Could you suggest some good books? I too feel that there are so many books out there to read.

  2. Its as if you got inside my head and uttered my words aloud. Lets go work in a book store together!

  3. @BA: =)

    @Anjuli: how can I? google up your favourite genre and you will be flooded with ideas. happy reading!

    @Pallavini di: man! THAT would be awesome!!