3 Apr 2011


your  hold on your grammar is the measure of your hold on your morals;your hold on you.

i have now stopped editing my blog posts before posting them. they are irreparable. 

(not a general statement. not one bit)

oh btw, India won the world cup. =D cheers!


  1. I just noticed the title for my recent blog post is grammatically incorrect.
    Lol. Took me two attempts to understand your title. Cheers.

  2. Grammar...why does it has to be connected to morals after all ??
    i suck in grammar..OR is it "i suck at grammar" ??

  3. @AcetylCholine (innovative name there) =) yeah i am too gracious that ways, i lend people some of my confusions from time to time.


    @Lehra: umm...well to answer that look at Grammar as something that binds your language into a set pattern...something very similar to what morals do.

    (it is a far fetched analogy, works for me though)

    i am no master when it comes to grammar but i know when to dot my i’s and Cross my t’s. sometimes i make the stupidest of mistakes and happens when i am too low on the self-esteem thingy.