8 Feb 2012

mind over matter

I think I have lost it.
It is an empty mind that I have.
Totally, completely, empty.

It likes peace. Wo kehte hain na zyada shor nahin pasand.  

I am a loner who is attracted to loners, sits in a corner and looks at people. I love stairs, any kinds, it is an innate desire to sit on the stairs, as opposed to the desire where people might want to climb them. I want to sit there and look, watch.
I can spend the entire life watching people.

Watching people with headphones on. I hate the noise. The clamor. I have enough noise in my head already. Empty mind creates a lot of demons like an empty house echoes every gasp.

An empty mind is impulsive, does not think.
Or sometimes it mulls over things at end and loses the track of time.

I am neither a fool nor wise; I am neither not a fool…neither not wise.

hush now, don't speak too loud



  1. *starts grumbling about sanity*

    you at least know whether you are a loner or not.
    i love solo late night walks all by myself, but i hate sitting outside in the sun alone! now what do i tag myself? :)

    1. I hate sitting out in the sun anyways. we all have our days; I'd say a loner at heart who enjoys good company. =)

  2. Hush now..unka khayal..and "..." the post continues..

    1. =) long time since you were here. good to have you back.

  3. "Empty mind creates a lot of demons like an empty house echoes every gasp." Wow!
    And I, too, love to sit on stairs. :)

  4. Neatly written, quiet and calm .. no noises..liked :-)
    I was surprised to see your liking to sit on stairs.. mine too

  5. if only good company wasn't so hard to find in this oh so busy world :)

  6. Empty mind creates a lot of demons like an empty house echoes every gasp-my favourite line.
    empty yet filled...filled yet empty, we all see-saw within these parameters...hope you find your peace too :-)
    the post is replete with some great thoughts!

  7. Hush now! (though I have known you to hate being hushed, I'd have it in no other way)
    So hush now child, for it longs to sleep, to rest and be at peace. Hush, and find peace (though the cool breeze adds serenity to the tranquility of the starry night, but that too is all right for it mutes the gasps too in its torrent).