27 May 2012

misplaced sanity

I have been on this ‘blame-the-flirt’ road before.

(here not that this gets negated, the argument is furthered)

But today is a new day.

A flirt is someone who just likes the ‘good’ part of it. 

Now,let me explain. When in the honeymoon period of the romance, you have so much to talk about, the other person on the other end of the line is all crazy about you and you are the perfect (-est) person in the entire world.

The whole world suddenly paints itself in different shades of yellow.

Now as the day progresses the perfect you turns into everything that is wrong with the world. The intrigue that was so attractive before now seems like the unnecessary dark shade in the character. Your smile that could brighten up the night skies in the past suddenly now is too toothy (or maybe too wide or not wide enough).

Like that loaf of bread on the kitchen shelf you turn tasteless (and rotten) with time.

The flirt stands for the good things, does not let things decay, upholds the ‘hope’/’good’/’happy’ by not venturing into the unavoidable ‘decay’.They are the sanest of all.

Cheers to the flirt.


  1. Cheers to the flirt. But do they cut everything off before the decaying part? I do not know.

  2. Bless those who can create mirages in barren deserts,
    for our eyes are accustomed to seek the flaws and deservance later.

  3. It's the only sane way to be!

  4. Zeebs cut?

    Babaji bless those? I think it is a gift to see the flaws first and slowly unravel the goodness not the other way round =)

    Suruchi look who is back on my blog! well it is the sanest way to insanity ;)