9 May 2012

random conversations: biologically speaking

this some 'gyaan' here...(read as left brain taking over and chokeslam-ing the right brain)

slam no. 1

---"I can tell you exactly which part of the brain does what. there are specific areas which are responsible for different things. the area for motivation, the area for concentration. There are areas  where all your senses go and interact, there are areas for fear, rage, aggression, lust and unlike otherwise thought, the quest to reach ME is to reach organically...knowing your body, biologically---

slam no. 2

---"you see a particular color and say this is green or red..there is a particular phenomenon which is known as synethesia..where if shon a particular color say red...the person will say it is number 3 and so on..."

no I didn't just make this up. now I know what Penny must be going through =P

doctors know that each feeling is nothing but a chemical 'locha' somewhere yet it is seen that most docs end up marrying people in their own profession. strange are the ways of the world. 


  1. Vagabound,

    Read 3 posts now. Well, Kiss is a KISS which makes one's heart go miss miss. Hope that blockage, starvation and disillusion is over, seems to with this post which shows brain is active again.

    Take care