zilch theory

how many times are you allowed to start your life from zero?

fuck who gives a shit about the rules.

the hard fact : if your starting point is the same you are nothing better than the dog who goes round and round trying to catch his tail.
get a life, find a bone. 

oh dear! baby, stop being a dog. 


  1. Oh baby, stop being hard on yourself. :)

  2. I never do it, but this time I'll let you call me baby =P

  3. Fuck the poh-lease! I agree with you. Haters gonna hate.

  4. Find your bone-A serious n deep Lol!
    Super duper line:-)

  5. Zeebs we gonna hate the haters?

    Suruchi a deep and serious nod along . It is a very deep line =P


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