15 Jul 2009

Your eyes

“I look around.
I see you looking at me.
Intent. Convinced. Brazen.
I look away.
You keep looking.
Your gaze fixed.
Fixed intently, so much so, as if you’re looking right through me.
Like my being wasn’t of consequence.
You’ve overpowered me.
My life is yours.
My soul is yours.

“jis tan ko chua tune us tan ko chupaun;
Jis man ko lage naina wo kisko dikhaun”

I don’t have to say the words.
You say them for me.
My sentences completed even before I have to utter them.
I am satisfied even before my desires take shape.
You strip me naked;
Exposing my wants; my desires; out in the open.
Yes out in the open.
Without having anyone else notice them.
No- one else has the right to scrutinize me.
I’m yours.
You hunt my shame down killing it.
Asking me questions I can’t help but answer.
I lie.
I lie, wanting to tell the truth.
But, I know that you know.
I know that you understand.
The questions weren’t asked for the answers;
They were for you to catch the glimpse of my eyes battling your gaze.
Yes, I know you know it all.

“I’m on fire when you’re near me.
I’m on fire when you speak,
I’m on fire; burning up at these mysteries.”



  1. Wah! Wah!
    Jal - Jal ke dua ho rahe???

    Yeh kiski aankhen hain jinse aap ghabra gayi,
    Kuchh aaine kambakth jhoote kyun nahi hote..

  2. aaine wali line samjhana zara. :p

    kisiko specifically dhyan me rakh kar nahin likha hai. jo do gaane mentioned hain unhi se inspired hai.

    "khud ko chupane ki koshish me kahin jakar apne aap se takra gae.
    tum khade ho soch kar aaine se sharma gae."

  3. no offence bt, seems like.."confessions of a stripper" :D
    a romantic one i mite add! :)