4 Jul 2009

coffee spills!!!

I woke up late
Climbed up the step,
Smelly shit hole,
God make me sane!

Rubbed my eyes..
Foamed my teeth.
( I know it’s a crazy line…
…so crazy me! )

Office pahunche.
Vinobhaa is late.
Comes up to me says:
“ how are you mate?”

I’m good I declare.
Gawd!! Hungry already!!
It still aint time I say.

I look out of the window.
Aw, the weather is nice.
Rakesh is absent…
…he called me thrice.

Chaiwala comes !!
With delicate coffee’s delight.
I take a sip.
The brew is nice.

I look at my desk.
What’s on it; I inquisitively see.
My hand hits the cup,
And thus the coffee spills!!

Coffee spills!! Coffee spills!!
On desk, on lappie, on me;
Coffee spills!! Coffee spills!!
See Vinobhaa laughing with glee.

alright it is all stupidity.
not to be taken seriously.

this is bhavika chauhan on a nursery rhyme mode.

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